Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket Review

Gravity Weighted Cooling Blanket Review

GRAVITY COOLING WEIGHTED BLANKET REVIEW Gravity has come up with a cooling version of their successful weighted blanket. Wondering if it will keep you cool at night? Let’s look at what this Cooling Blanket is made of, and who it is a good fit for. Let’s start by getting all disclosures covered: some of […]

Gravity Kids Weighted Blanket Review

Gravity Kids Weighted Blanket Review

GRAVITY KIDS WEIGHTED BLANKET REVIEW This is our review of the Gravity Kids Weighted Blanket. As with all of our kids bedding reviews, our children have tested the blanket and we are ready to give you our honest opinion of this kids weighted blanket! Let’s start by getting all disclosures covered: some of the […]

13 Items Experts Swear By For Better Sleep

13 Items Sleep Experts Swear By For Better Sleep! You may be travelling, or simply looking forward for a quick cat nap, maybe you just want to dive into your bed for a great slumber after a long day! Your dreams are about to come true, for i have gathered for you a few items […]

Gravity Blanket

gravity blanket from their website

Gravity Blanket Review Gravity Blankets, also known as weighted blankets have so many benefits. From reducing stress and anxiety to maximizing relaxation and minimizing body movement which leads to falling asleep deeper and faster.  That being said, there are so many of them out there and the name says it all, literally, they are heavy. […]

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