SweetNight Prime Mattress Review

Sweetnight Prime Mattress review

SWEETNIGHT PRIME MATTRESS REVIEW Nearly 3 years after their last mattress launch, SweetNight has come out with their latest flippable and rotating mattress, with their 4-in-1 SweetNight Prime Mattress. In this review, we are looking at how SweetNight designed and engineered a mattress that provides 4 firmness levels, to fit everyone’s comfort level, sleeping style, […]

Best Fiberglass Free Mattress

Natural Form Refresh Mattress - best adjustable firmness mattress

BEST FIBERGLASS FREE MATTRESS Our Top Picks – Updated Yearly Since the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission started regulated flammability of mattresses in 2007, many mattress manufacturers have moved away from unhealthy chemical-based fire barriers to a slightly healthier, though potentially very dangerous material – fiberglass. Did you know that many bedrooms are 2 to […]

Do Tempurpedic Mattresses Have Fiberglass

tempur breeze mattress

DO TEMPURPEDIC MATTRESSES HAVE FIBERGLASS Tempurpedic mattresses have been very popular for the comfortable and supportive sleep they provide. They were pioneers when memory foam entered the market, and have been a very recognized mattress brand ever since. There have however been concerns about whether Tempurpedic mattresses have fiberglass, a material that can be dangerous […]

Do Mattress Toppers Have Fiberglass

Natures Sleep Topper reviews

DO MATTRESS TOPPERS HAVE FIBERGLASS Mattress toppers are a popular bedding accessory that can enhance the comfort of your mattress for a lesser price than purchasing a new mattress. However, there is a concern among some consumers that mattress toppers may contain fiberglass. This concern has been fueled by reports of fiberglass contamination in certain […]

Is Fiberglass In Mattresses Safe

Is Fiberglass In Mattresses Safe | Non Biased Reviews

IS FIBERGLASS IN MATTRESSES SAFE? Fiberglass in mattresses is becoming a big topic, as it should! Fiberglass is often used in cheaper mattresses, to comply to fire retardant guidelines. It can however be a very dangerous material in a mattress, especially as it becomes airborne. The mattress industry does not always benefit from a stellar […]

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