Silk And Snow Weighted Blanket Review

Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket Review

SILK AND SNOW WEIGHTED BLANKET REVIEW This is our review of the Silk and Snow Knit Weighted Blanket. Since shooting the video review below, we have been using it for nearly 2 weeks and our 8-year old has pretty much claimed it as hers. Let’s look at what the Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket is […]

Couverture Lestée Silk & Snow – Avis Français

Couverture Lestée Silk & Snow Revue

REVUE DE LA COUVERTURE LESTÉE SILK & SNOW Voici notre revue de la Couverture Lestée Silk & Snow. Depuis le tournage de la vidéo ci-dessous, nous l’utilisons depuis près de 2 semaines et notre fille de 8 ans se l’est appropriée. Voyons de quoi est faite la couverture lestée Silk & Snow, et à qui […]

SweetNight Mobile Warming Blanket Review

Sweetnight warming blanket review

SWEETNIGHT MOBILE WARMING BLANKET REVIEW If you dread cold days as much as I do, you may find it hard to stay warm at all. Cold finger tips and toes are your norm, and three pairs of socks + hot teas aren’t always enough to keep your spirits up in the midst of winter. When […]

Baloo Weighted Comforter Review

Baloo Weighted Comforter review

BALOO WEIGHTED COMFORTER REVIEW + LINEN DUVET COVER I may risk calling the Baloo Weighted Comforter, my favorite weighted blanket so far!! Now of course… it is not a weighted blanket, but a weighted comforter. The difference, however, is only in the design and width of the comforter vs. blanket. The Baloo weighted comforter and […]

Aricove Weighted Blanket Review

Aricove Weighted Blanket Review

ARICOVE WEIGHTED BLANKET REVIEW We get excited anytime we see the use of bamboo in bedding. So naturally we had to test the Aricove Weighted Blanket! Made of bamboo and micro glass beads, we fell in love with this blanket, which comes with more weight options than any other weighted blanket on the market! What’s […]

Honeybird Weighted Blanket Review

Honeybird weighted blanket review

HONEYBIRD WEIGHTED BLANKET REVIEW Have you been looking for a weighted blanket to naturally improve your sleep? Yet, you are not willing to give up the comfort and convenience of a machine-washable cotton duvet cover? You have come to the right place. The Honeybird Weighted Blanket might be the one for you. This is our […]

Nolah Bamboo Weighted Blanket Review

Nolah Bamboo weighted blanket

NOLAH BAMBOO WEIGHTED BLANKET REVIEW Weighted blankets have calming properties that allow you to release stress and fall asleep faster and deeper, in the most natural way. Couple the benefits of weight to the softness of bamboo, and you are in for a real treat. The Nolah Bamboo Weighted Blanket just hit the market, and […]

Sunday Citizen Crystal Weighted Blanket Review

Sunday Citizen Crystal Weighted Blanket review

SUNDAY CITIZEN CRYSTAL WEIGHTED BLANKET REVIEW Not all weighted blankets are created equal. We have tested many and while most are either made of glass pellet-filled inserts or pure organic cotton, the Sunday Citizen Crystal Weighted Blanket is very unique. With its plush and cozy outer cover, you will love laying in pure softness. But […]

Bearaby Nappling Weighted Blanket Review

Best weighted blanket for kids

BEARABY NAPPLING WEIGHTED BLANKET REVIEW We love bedding products specially made for kids. The Bearaby Nappling is a weighted blanket designed for kids, with everything we love in a product: 100% organic cotton, no fillers, beautiful calming colors, and 8 pounds engineered to help children fall asleep faster and deeper naturally. This one has found […]

Yaasa Weighted Blanket Review

Yaasa Weighted Blanket Review

YAASA WEIGHTED BLANKET REVIEW It is rare to find a hand-knitted blanket that feels great and fits wide enough to cover a full Queen bed and fit 2 adults. But in the Yaasa Weighted Blanket, we have found it, and we think you might really like it too! Let’s start by getting all disclosures […]

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