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I’m going to give you the opportunity to share your sleep routine.  Perhaps you know the secret to a good night sleep!  The process is pretty simple: submit a photo and the answers to the interview questions below.  In the top of the post you will have the ability to self promote.  Feel free to tell us about you, we will allow up to 2 links to your blog/website or social media.  Please write up your interview in a word document and send that with a photo to rana@nonbiasedreviews.com.

Many of these questions can be simple yes or no answers.  I recently did an interview similar to this and took away many life lessons about myself.  The more you put into this, the more you may learn about yourself and your sleep habits.  Perhaps you can improve your sleep habits, or help others to get better sleep.  We can’t guarantee that every interview will make it on this site, so I’ll leave you with this:  If your answers are funny, inspirational, or provide helpful tips to other readers your odds of making it on the site will go up.  If pets share your bed or your bed is a disaster, make sure to capture that in your photo!

Submit a 1440 X 1080 photo of you

Insert up to 250 words in the third person about yourself. We will be allowing 2 dofollow links in this section to help promote you.

What size bed do you sleep in? Describe it, what kind of sheets do you use, what kind of cover, is the frame adjustable or slatted or a platform, etc.

How old is your mattress? Does it sag or have any mountains and valleys?

What time do you go to bed?

Do you watch tv, use your laptop, cell, or read books in bed? If so, what was the last book/magazine you read?

Do you routinely watch a certain show, if so which one?

Do you sleep with a partner?

Do pets share your bed?

Are you a: side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or combo sleeper?

In a week how often do you use your bed for sex? Don’t count all your other risqué locations!

What temperature is your bedroom typically at?

How long does it usually take from the time you jump into bed until you are asleep?

Do you use an alarm? Is it your phone or an alarm clock? Do you hit the snooze or jump out of bed?

On average how much sleep do you get per night? Do you use a sleep tracker?

Morning sex? In a week how often?

First thing you do when you leave bed?

First thing you drink in the morning? If coffee or tea, what kind

Describe a typical breakfast for you

Describe your family. Do you have plans to expand your family/ Are you currently expecting?

Do your children have a set routine?

When do you shower or jump in the bath?

How long does it take from when you step out of bed, to when you step outside the house?

Is your weekend routine different? Please describe.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

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