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Allswell Hybrid Mattress Review

Allswell Hybrid Mattress Review

Before You Read

  • Priced under $350 for a Queen!
  • Contains a Blend of Poly-Foam & Coils
  • Free Shipping and 100 Night Trial
  • Made in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Choose between Hybrid & Luxe Hybrid
  • Available at Walmart

Supreme Queen

Allswell Hybrid Mattress Review

The most affordable mattress!

Not just any mattress, the most affordable HYBRID mattress is finally here, so if you are in the market for a new American Hybrid mattress you came to the right place.

Crafted in the United States from both domestic and foreign parts, The Allswell flaunts impressive features and benefits amounting to a mattress so comfortable and luxurious it’s hard to believe it ships in a box. Despite this low-level price, The Allswell boasts high-level features including:

• Hybrid technology
• Three types of memory foam layered for supreme comfort
• Individually wrapped coils which minimize motion transfer
• Added edge support achieved by using a high gauge of coil around the perimeter of the mattress

· Twin: $245
· Full: $315
· Queen: $345
· King: $420

I have tested the Allswell previously, it was the all foam mattress. To me, it was like the right mattress for your guest’s bedroom or extra room. Well built and priced just right but the finish and material were just OK. Just another mattress built in China. Now I do not have anything wrong with products coming from China, we all own stuff coming from China. Some of them are really good and some are poorly made. Simple! I personally don’t really care where mattresses come from, I used to, until I started reviewing them. Some of them showed great construction, they were priced right and I would totally recommend. Some of them wouldn’t even make it out of the box. It’s like you can tell immediately if a product is good for you or just garbage.

Seeing the Allswell boxes in Phoenix at Brooklyn Bedding factories put a smile on my face. You feel more comfortable and confident when you know where and how your products are made. I saw them with my own eyes here in Az and I couldn’t be any happier and proud to test the Allswell Hybrid and share my experience and what I think about it with you.
Budget friendly, well made and luxurious!

The Allswell Hybrid earned its name since it looks and feels very much like a good value bed made with high-quality materials.

Supreme Queen

What’s Inside the Allswell Hybrid Mattress?

It is 10” thick combining the best of both worlds: High- performance CertiPUR US certified memory foam and 2 gauges of coils.
The top layer is quilted with open cell CoolFlow foam to improve air flow and for better breathability, keeping heat away.

The mattress itself is encased in a fabric designed to feel cool to the touch keeping you comfortable through your sleep. The coils are individually wrapped providing the classic comfort, maximum edge support and minimal motion transfer all in one.

The edge support is great and it is there, you will notice it especially around the perimeter of the bed. The coils provide premium support and minimum motion transfer making your sleep experience more pleasant and undisturbed.

I was fortunate to see them make and ship Allswell’s when I went to the factory here in Phoenix to grab one.

allswell mattresses being made at the phoenix az factory


Allswell 2019 Price Table

Type Twin Twin XL Full Queen King & Cal King
Hybrid $245 NA $315 $345 $420
Luxe Hybrid $345 NA $485 $585 $745
Supreme Queen
Layla Mattress Review

Layla Mattress Review

Before You Read

  • Layla is Flippable, so you choose Firm or Soft Comfort
  • The First Layer is Copper Infused
  • The Cover has ThermoGEL in it to keep you cool
  • Free Shipping and 120 Night Trial
  • Made in Phoenix, Arizona

Layla Mattress Review

New LAYLA Same Great Sleep Results! Because better sleep leads to a better person.

Besides focusing on getting the best out of your mattress and the best night’s sleep ever, LAYLA’S geared its attention to a better you through better sleep. And I absolutely agree with his theory, I mean YOU matter the most and YOU, as a sleeper, come first. And so, it began. LAYLA’s new journey is off and it looks very promising.


The core of the LAYLA mattress will exceed your expectations and it is so easy to flip the sides from soft to firm! It’s like two mattresses in one, or the best of two worlds in one mattress. It’s absolutely one of a kind. The cover itself is double sided and each side is marked clearly for you to distinguish which side is Firm and which side is Soft. If you push down on the cover it is amazingly softer than any other mattress cover, I have felt and here’s the reason why. LAYLA has implemented a branded SOFTENING process to their fabric making their mattress cover incredibly SOFT.

Sometimes the best tool for waking up is that tall cup of coffee, and if that’s the case it is time you reconsider your mattress and the way you sleep. Because after all it is just a stimulant that will help you for a limited time to boost your energy.
After testing the Layla GEN2 I started to realize that the best part of waking up was all that energy Layla provided me. It’s like laying down on a power bank that charges you up and when you are awake you are ready for a new day full of excitement.
I know there are tons of mattresses out there but with a mattress you can flip to find the right firmness for you, you get DOUBLE the chances to sleep better, wake up better and be a better you!

So many factors make the Layla stand out but what really makes it so special is its performance. It’s all in the Layers, the core and the whole mattress at the end.

Watch how easy it is for me to flip it from the soft side to the firm side.

flipping the layla mattress from the soft side to the firm side
layla mattress firm side up
What they offer: 120 Night trial and here’s how it works. Once you purchase the Layla mattress you can sleep on it for up to 120 nights. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied simply call them (by the way they have amazing customer service) and they will walk through the return steps and refund your money no questions asked. BUT keep in mind you need at least 2 weeks before deciding if it’s right for you.

Shipping and returning is always free. It is usually delivered within 2 to 5 business days (depending on your location). The Layla mattress ships from the factory where it is made in Phoenix, Arizona!

In a few words and to wrap it up, Layla did great when it came to sleeping on my back, side and stomach.

FYI, did you know that there are many stages of sleep?
• The Beginnings of Sleep. During the earliest phases of sleep, you are still relatively awake.
• NREM Stage 1. Stage 1 is the beginning of the sleep cycle and is a relatively light stage of sleep.
• NREM Stage 2. During stage 2 sleep: People become less aware of their surroundings.
• NREM Stage 3. During stage 3 sleep: Muscles relax. Blood pressure and breathing rate drop.
And no matter your body movement or if you share your bed with someone it has impressive motion transfer you won’t feel it and nothing will wake you up ( unless you need to go to the bathroom). So my advise to you SET UP YOUR ALARM if you do not want to run late for work or school.
The Layla mattress is super easy to flip and the firmness level tags are located conveniently and clearly where you can see them.
I feel that the Layla mattress stands out from the others for many reasons such as:
The copper infused foam with its antimicrobial and cooling properties.
The ThermoGEL in the cover keeping your body temperature cool when you are hot.
It is dual sided for two firmness levels in one mattress.
And it is made right here in America.

What’s Inside the Layla Mattress?

Infused with THERMOgel technology, keeping you cool at night. Trust me I wouldn’t rate this so high if I was sweating during these hot summer months in Arizona. This very easy to remove cover makes flipping or washing the cover so simple, as it has a ZIPPER! The pattern is simple, eye catching and super soft. I find myself questioning why I would put sheets or a mattress protector over the mattress all of the time. The cover is so great that if you are too tired or lazy to put your sheets on, you may find yourself sleeping without them.

If you opt for the soft side, here’s what’s in store for you: The soft side and its 3″ of 3.5 LB COPPER-INFUSED MEMORY FOAM.

This High Density Memory Foam layer infused with copper provides cooling and excellent blood circulation.

Now if you’re a firm side fan/sleeper, you will find an Inch of COPPER-INFUSED MEMORY FOAM waiting just for you.

The Layla Sleep mattress is made out of foam infused with copper cells for a cooler sleep.

Why copper you ask? Copper is well-known to provide healing benefits for your body and that’s when Layla’s geniuses thought it would be a good idea to sleep on it. Another reason why copper plays an important part, it’s because it reduces joint inflammation and helps ease joint pain and stiffness. This is especially helpful for people with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis which can help the sleeper move around easily with as much freedom as possible.

I was fortunate to see them make Layla’s when I went to the factory here in Phoenix to grab one. 

putting a layla mattress together at the phoenix az factory
The Middle of the Layla Sleep mattress has 2 layers and the one on top depends on which side you flipped your mattress on. Let’s assume you are on the soft side as pictured on the left. That means you have 2″ of 1.8 density convoluted foam for air flow.

Then you have 4.5″ of 2.0 density, ILD 36, foam forming your base layer.

These 2 middle layers are the heart of the mattress, holding it all together allowing maximum airflow while providing the sleeper long lasting support. Keeping you cool again, while retaining the heat. In total the Layla Sleep mattress is 10.5″ tall and will fit into almost any bed frame.

So we have a copper infused mattress you can flip, keeps you cool and has a fun cover. Are you curious as to which level of firmness I prefer? I’m a side sleeper so I love the soft side. For testing purposes I’ll flip it to the firm side every once in awhile, but it always makes it back to the soft side after awhile.

Each time I flip it I think, wow this is going to last forever as I have had serious issues with mattresses that I have bought from the big box retailers in the past. Most mattresses aren’t flip-able as increasing the life of a mattress isn’t in the best interest of most mattress retailers. I mean if you find yourself looking up at a mattress salesman at the store every few years, more money for them right? Yet another reason why I love the direct to consumer bed in a box model that Layla Sleep utilizes. They offer a 120 night sleep trial so there’s nothing to lose by trying one in your own home.

Inside the layla mattress, you can see the copper in the top layer of memory foam

Layla 2019 Price Table

For getting 2 beds in one, as a flippable mattress should last longer, the value that you receive is extraordinary.

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King & Cal King
$499 $599 $799 $899 $999


What if I Want to Experience Layla Before I Buy One?

No one tops LAYLA mattress than LAYLA itself. And by that, I mean their mattress topper.

Just like extra fluff in a pillow or a bean bag to adjust them, a mattress topper is a must. Coming from my personal opinion and experience, I think the option of having a mattress topper is a must.

It is the perfect add on for a little balance when you need it.

Since LAYLA is already a mattress with double firmness, Firm and Soft, and you turn out to be the sleeper who is looking for something in between, all you have to do is add their mattress topper. A very clever move. Makes me think now that the LAYLA in more then 2 beds in one! Absolutely brilliant.

When I unwrapped the mattress topper it was all rolled up and I gave it enough time to rest and make sure the layer inside took its shape to fill the cover. I just can’t describe how soft it is especially when I tried it on the firm side, the bed firmness level transformed into medium and changed the whole situation. GAME CHANGER!

Just like the pillow and mattress covers, the topper cover is infused with cooling gel that starts working when your body temperature rises keeping you cool when you need it.

The copper infused memory foam gives you that soft feel, it’s like this extra hug. Yet, when I tried it on the firm side of the Layla I could feel satisfying support for deep compression areas like my shoulders and hip.

The Layla Topper is 2″ of copper-gel infused memory foam that adds a layer of plush comfort to any mattress. The topper cover is the same great material used for the Layla Mattress cover and is also infused with Thermo-Gel activating cooling technology.

It’s in the small details sometimes. Like the four elastic bands on each corner of the topper. To some it may not be too impressive, I, on the other hand think it’s a genius move. The topper sits still securely and won’t slide off your mattress.

What Makes the Layla Pillow so Great?

Kapok for one – it’s all natural, hypoallergenic, and is soft and fluffy like a cloud. That, combined with premium memory foam that’s CertiPUR-US® Certified gives the Layla Pillow its soft yet supportive feel. The zipper allows you to open it up and adjust the fill to your preference.

The Copper Cover! Copper fibers woven into the cover of the pillow sleep cooler and cleaner, and the cover looks and feels amazing. There you go.

Mattress Comparison Chart

PhotoCompanyMattressTypeFeaturesHeightSleep Test RatingQueen PriceCoupon CodeCurrent DiscountPurchase




  • Leesa MattressLeesa Mattress
  • Nectar MattressNectar Mattress
  • Layla MattressLayla Mattress
  • Alexander Signature SeriesAlexander Signature Series
  • Alexander Signature HybridAlexander Signature Hybrid
  • Purple MattressPurple Mattress
  • Traditional CasperTraditional Casper
  • Tuft & NeedleTuft & Needle
  • Casper WaveCasper Wave
  • Casper EssentialCasper Essential
  • #Bestmattressever#Bestmattressever
  • Tomorrow Sleep HybridTomorrow Sleep Hybrid
  • Sapira by LeesaSapira by Leesa
  • Aurora HybridAurora Hybrid
  • TuloTulo
  • DreamCloudDreamCloud
  • SpartanSpartan
  • BloomBloom
  • Purple.3Purple.3
Leesa MattressFoam100 Day Trial, Made in the USA, Removeable Cover104.7 Star Rating$995None Required$150Shop LeesaNectar MattressFoam365 Night Trial, Free shipping, Comes in a large bag114.6 Star Rating$795None Required$125 & 2 Free PillowsShop NectarLayla MattressCopper-Infused Foam120 Night Trial, Copper Infused, Flippable10.54.6 Star Rating$999None Required$100 OffShop LaylaAlexander Signature SeriesFoamLifetime Comfort Guarantee, Made in the USA, Handles12.54.6 Star Rating$1,199nonbiased200$200 OffShop Nest Bedding Alexander Signature SeriesAlexander Signature HybridHybrid Foam & CoilsLifetime Comfort Guarantee, Made in the USA, Handles144.5 Star Rating$1,199nonbiased2005% OffShop Nest Bedding Alexander Signature HybridPurple MattressFoam & Polymer Section for Egg Catching100 Day Trial, Made in the USA, Removeable Cover104.8 Star Rating$999None RequiredFree Seat CushionShop Purple MattressTraditional CasperFoam100 Night Trial, Free Shipping104.3 Star Rating$950None RequiredVariesShop CasperTuft & NeedleFoam100 Night Trial, Free Shipping104 Star Rating$575None RequiredBest PriceShop Tuft & NeedleCasper WaveFoam100 Night Trial, Removeable cover, Free Shipping11.53.3 Star Rating$1,850None RequiredBest PriceGet a CasperCasper EssentialFoam100 Night Trial, Removeable Cover, Free Shipping8.53.9 Star Rating$600None RequiredBest PriceGo to Casper#BestmattresseverFoam120 Night Trial, titanium gel, made in the USA104.6 Star Rating$750nonbiased2020% OffShop Brooklyn Bedding Best Mattress EverTomorrow Sleep HybridHybrid Foam & Coils100 Day Trial, Backed by Serta, add a sleeptracker104.7 Star Rating$990nonbiased100$100 OffShop Tomorrow SleepSapira by LeesaHybrid Foam & Coils100 Night Trial, Made in the USA, 1 in 10 Program114.7 Star Rating$1,495None Required$200 OffShop Sapira by LeesaAurora HybridHybrid Foam & Coils120 Night Trial, titanium gel, made in the USA13.54.5 Star Rating$1,699nonbiased2020% OffShop Brooklyn BeddingTuloFoamTry it at Mattress Firm, 120 night trial, free shipping, free returns104.4 Star Rating$650None RequiredShop TuloDreamCloudHybrid Foam & Coils365 Night Trial, free cleaning, everlong warranty,154.8 Star Rating$1,399None Required$200 OffShop DreamCloudSpartanHybrid Foam & Coils120 Night Trial13.54.8 Star Rating$1,999nonbiased2020% OffShop Brooklyn BeddingBloomLatex and Coils120 Night Trial124.6 Star Rating$1,799nonbiased2020% OffShop Brooklyn BeddingPurple.3Hyper-Elastic Polymer & Coils100 Night Trial124.6 Star Rating$2,099None RequiredFree Product with PurchaseShop Purple Mattress

Nectar Mattress Review 2019

Nectar Mattress Review 2019

Nectar Mattress Review 2019

My first Nectar review and sleep test was done in early 2017 right after they launched into the US.  Back then they were so good at selling a super comfortable mattress at a industry busting price.  Unfortunately, they were unprepared for their success, so shipping times were outrageous.  Mine took over a month from the time I purchased it until I received it.  This meant that I was a bit skeptical about it at first.  Since my initial tests, I have tested around 50 other mattresses and have no doubt that Nectar is the best value for a high quality mattress that you can buy.  I am so confident in that statement that I purchased one for my mother in law in 2018.  

Know Before You Read

  • You won’t find another 11 inch thick high-density memory foam mattress on the market at anywhere near this price
  • It is relatively firm, yet offers just enough sink-in for a petite side sleeper like me
  • Nectar offers Free Shipping, a 365 Night Sleep Trial, and a Forever Warranty

What’s Inside the Nectar Mattress?

The Nectar mattress is an 11 inch thick mattress that is much more dense than the competition.  It all starts with the cover which is really cool.  That’s meant to be a pun as the tencel cover is combined with a gel memory foam layer.  Put simply they put a lot of cooling tech into the cover to keep you cold at night.  They use the same concept with the Nectar Mattress Protectors if you want to protect your investment.

Once you get the cover off and cut the fire sock (don’t do this) you will find a layer of Gel Memory Foam.  This gel foam carries a trade mark of Lush Foam, which is on the expensive side so you don’t often see it in mattresses.

The cover and the first layer are all dedicated to providing a cool sleep experience.  The next layer is a recovery hi core memory foam which provides the bounce that you need so that you don’t sink into the bed.

The final layer is a supportive base layer that serves as the foundation for the entire mattress.  This layer is a 2.2 ILD rated dense foam.  I have an old video of me standing on a Nectar vs. standing on a Leesa and on a Casper.  In this video you can see that I sink far into the Leesa and Casper.  However, I want to point out that I hate this video, since it was shot so poorly and edited even worse (but it was one of my first videos.)  Furthermore, both Casper and Leesa have redesigned their mattresses.

Nectar Sleep Tests

I have slept on the three Nectars over the last 2 years and I have had great experiences on all of them, although they are all a bit different.

First, nothing has changed from the first Nectar that I got when they launched in early 2017, except the pillows.  They have moved from a free Mily pillow to their own branded shredded memory foam pillow.  What I like about the pillows that they now sell is that they are adjustable.  If you find that there is too much fluff in the pillow, simply pull a handfull out and give it another try.  

The one that we put on my mother-in-law’s boat smashes the competition.  Seriously, mattresses that come on boats are generally horrible.  Boat owners are typically forced to put skinny/foldable mattresses into the cramped cabins.  I recognized that the shape that Nectar ships in would allow me to squeeze it into a spot that should definately not be possible.  It’s really hard to explain without you seeing the video above, but trust me a typical bed-in-a-box wouldn’t squeeze into that space as they are folded and compressed differently.  To say that my MIL is impressed with the bed on the boat is a huge understatment.  I hope she doesn’t read this, because I’m pretty sure she thinks that I paid like double what I actually paid for the mattress.

I then got to try the mattress that they make and sell in the UK.  It worked for me, but I still struggle with the zoned comfort technique that they are using.  The theory is that if you cut some channels into various parts of the mattress you can allow different parts of the body to sink further into the mattress.  The idea is to achieve that perfect spinal alignment.  The problem is that people come in different sizes and shapes, and I think that it is difficult to match everyone up to the one size fits all category.

Which is why I’m more of a fan of the Nectar mattress version that they sell in the US.

In the middle of 2018, Nectar released an adjustable bed frame.  It offers a massage feature, head and foot movement, USB ports, and a chance to revolutionize your sleep.  If you haven’t tried an adjustable bed this is what I would consider your best chance at getting into one.  A Nectar mattress combined with a Nectar Adjustable Base is still going to be less expensive than many of the mattresses that you would find in store.  Think of it this way the savings that you get on the mattress alone are going to be more than enough to pay for an adjustable base.


  • 11″ Thick High-Quality Mattress at a Budget Friendly Pirce
  • 365 Night Sleep Trial Period
  • Forever Warranty
  • Financing Available Through Affirm
  • Unique Package Can be Squeezed into Tight Spaces


  • Explosive Growth in 2017, meant poor delivery times (shipping issues have been fixed)

Price Table

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King California King
$524 $594 $724 $824 $924 $924
$125 Off $125 Off $125 Off $125 Off $125 Off $125 Off
365 Day Trial 365 Day Trial 365 Day Trial 365 Day Trial 365 Day Trial 365 Day Trial

Current Specials

Nectar has what I call an evergreen promotion as they have run the same one since a few months after their launch in 2017. They give you $125 off a mattress and give you 2 free pillows. If you figure that each pillow is worth around $75 then this value ends up being a $275 discount. That combined with their already low prices make a Nectar bed the best value in the bed-in-a-box industry (although it comes in a bag).

In 2019 Nectar Launched into the UK Market

Most of you are probably US readers so it probably isn’t a video that would interest you.  What was great about the UK version is that they started using a zoned sleep concept.  I’m not saying that the US is going to get this anytime soon (or ever), but what I can see is that Nectar is still young so they are exploring all of their options to improve the sleep experience.  

Can I try them before I buy one?

Unfortunately no, however they balance that with a 365 night sleep trial as well as a forever warranty. Basically, they assume all of the risk of letting you take it home to make sure that you love it. This is an industry best offer.

Has Nectar Solved Their Shipping issues in 2019?

My mother in law received hers in 3 days! So, clearly they have learned from their earlier mistakes and they now have an idea of how many they need to supply the market with great sleep at an affordable price.

Purple Mattress Review 2019

Purple Mattress Review 2019

Purple Mattress Review 2019

I purchased my Purple mattress in the summer of 2017, if you look closely at the 2nd video below you can actually see the manufacturer’s time stamp on the inside of the mattress.  Even though I test mattresses and have more of them than I can possibly sleep on, I chose to buy this one.  Purple mattresses are so unique that I just had to try it even though I didn’t (at that time) have any relationship with Purple Innovations.  At the end of 2018, I received a New Purple.3 mattress to test (for free, thanks Purple).  So this review will cover my experience with both mattresses.

Why is Purple so Unique?

It’s pretty simple, they are the only ones using their proprietary hyper-elastic polymer.  They doubled down on this matieral by producing funny commercials featuring catching eggs with this “egg crate” like material.  

It all started with their Goldilocks commercial.

After they released the Purple.2-Purple.4 they decided to do a similar egg test, except they call this one the human egg test.

Of course my husband and son got in the act and decided to test it out as well.  Below you will find a 3 second teaser video of the test.

Original Purple Mattress Review 2019

It took me a couple of days on the purple before I decided that I liked it.  The feel of the hyper-elastic polymer section is unusual and it’s possible that everyone won’t like it.  The easiest way to explain it is that you feel like you are weightless/on a waterbed.  This means that it doesn’t do a good job of motion isolation, but don’t worry too much about that. 

After a couple of days I realized that I no longer had any hip or back pain.  I just kind of sunk into my side and had a great 2 week test run back in the summer of 2017.  I test tons of other mattresses so I can’t always sleep on the Purple, but I do still have it and take it out of storage frequently.  Let that part sink in, I choose to sleep on this mattress when I’m not testing other mattresses.  To say that it is my favorite is an understatement.  Get this, I also was fortunate enough to get a free Purple.3 mattress, and the original (much less expensive one) is still my favorite.

For you to understand why it is my favorite, I probably need to talk a bit about myself.  I’m petite and a side sleeper and that is what the Purple specializes in.  The mattress itself is VERY heavy as the polymer section is heavier than the typical polyfoam that you would find in a mattress.  This leaves the original Purple with 3 downsides:

  1. It is hard to move (good luck moving a queen size by yourself, don’t try it…)
  2. It will TACO on you if you put it on it’s side.  Think of it this way the top is heavier than the bottom.  Fortunately, nobody sleeps with a mattress that is on it’s side.  But, you need to be careful when moving it.
  3. A LARGE person my find that their combined weight with the polymer section are just too much for the bottom layers of polyfoam to handle.  So, if you are in the 250 pound plus category you probably want to look into the Purple.2 or Purple.3

The Purple bed does an exceptional job of pressure relief, especially on my hips and shoulders while sleeping on my side.  

For those of you who like to see the mattresses in action there is a video below with both the original purple and the Purple.3.  If you can stick around to the end there is also a raw egg human egg test.  Without spoiling the surprize, I’ll tell you that all dozen eggs were broken.

New hybrid Purple 2, 3 and 4 (Updated 2019)

They added 7.5″ coils and gave consumers the choice of how large of a hyper-elastic polymer section that they desire.  They say that the Purple .4 is ideal for side sleepers.  Look at the price table below, I’ll wait for you!  OUCH! They want me to fork over $2,799 to upgrade to a queen sized Purple .4…

How much of this do you want to sleep on?

New Purple Mattress 2-4 inch layer choice

You don’t have to go all the way up to the Purple .4 you could get the polymer section down to a 3″ or 2″ section.  Here is the CRAZY part the 4″ polymer section costs a full $1,200 more than the 2″ polymer section.  The polymer section is what the Purple is all about, so I do get why they would double down on it to provide the option to get all the way to 4″.  I wonder if they have considered additional thickness on their original mattress as well?

Besides the choice that you now have for the polymer section, the new purple mattress now has individually wrapped 7.5″ coils.  This will provide sleepers with the additional support that some fell that the original purple may not provide.  I feel like the “Raw Egg Test” video had a section about how coils weren’t good, so I went and watched the video.  How much egg is on my face?  I was wrong there is no mention of coils being bad in that video.  Meaning, this expansion into the hybrid world may have been planned for the last couple of years.

The choice between which version of the new Purple you choose comes down to your choice of how much you are willing to spend.  The 2″ polymer layer with the transition foam and 7.5″ coils is $1,599, which is priced in the middle of hybrid coil foam mattresses.  However, this isn’t really foam is it?  I mean you do get the egg catching capabilities of the Purple polymer layer.  The big question is; are you willing to almost double your cost to double up on their polymer layer?  The 4″ .4 is priced at the luxury end of the market of the direct to consumer market.  Generally, you can double the price of a direct product to get the price that you would pay in store, meaning that they think highly of their flagship .4.  They are a really bold company and certainly know how to market, so as much as I’m unsure of the price, they must have launched it for a reason.

The Base: Foam vs Responsive Support Coils (RSC)

The biggest difference between the original and the new mattresses, aside from the depth of Purple, is the base upon which the Smart Comfort Grid™ is set.

The original is set on two high-quality layers of polyurethane foam and the New Purple Mattress is set on individually-encased Responsive Support Coils.

Original Purple® Mattress | Foam

  • Slightly Firmer Feel – for those who prefer a more firm sleep surface.
  • Less Bounce with ideal motion isolation – foam is naturally less springy and a tad more motion-isolating than coils are, so you’ll feel your partner move less in the night.
  • Smart Comfort Grid™ – adds a medium-firm support layer beneath the Purple® grid.

New Purple® Mattress | RSC

  • More Immersive – the coils are designed to compress under specific pressure points, so you sink into the mattress for more immersive comfort.
  • Bouncier with near-perfect motion isolation – individually wrapped coils make the bed more responsive to motion, without sending movement across the entire mattress.
  • More Edge Support – both the coils and the auxiliary foam border provide excellent edge support all the way around the mattress.
  • Better adapted to all body types – The responsiveness of coils, paired with the Smart Comfort Grid™, adapts more readily to all body types and sleep positions.
  • Smart Comfort Grid™ – Designed to complement the Purple® grid for perfect pressure relief and support.

Which Purple Mattress is Best For Me?

To answer that question I needed to spend some time sleeping on both of them before I felt good about sharing my opinion. I bought the original purple in the summer of 2017, and Purple sent me a Purple.3 in November of 2018. I put them side by side and spent some time sleeping on both before I put together the video above. Fair warning, I’m a huge fan of the original purple mattress so I was a bit skeptical of the New Purple mattresses at first.  When I recived the Purple.3 I was instantly in love with it.  However, after a few weeks I ended up moving it to storage and I’m nost sure when I’ll take it out again.  I encountered an issue with it and ended up going into more details about the polyfoam that they have on the edges of the mattress.  Personally, I would choose the Original Purple over the New Purple’s and it is mainly due to my frame, I’m just not big enough to justify the extra cost of moving up to their hybrid mattresses.

Price Table

Type Twin XL Queen King California King
Purple $699 $999 $1,299 $1,299
Purple.2 $1,299 $1,599 $1,899 $1,899
Purple.3 $1,899 $2,199 $2,699 $2,699
Purple.4 $2,499 $2,799 $3,499 $3,499

Current Specials

Both the original and hybrid purple beds come with 100 night sleep trial and free shipping.  In addition, Purple is currently offering free sheets with the purchase of a mattress.  I just received my Purple sheets a couple of days ago.  Purple mattresses are also eligible for a $25 gift card from me, if you purchase using these links.

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Can I try them before I buy one?

Some Mattress Firm locations carry both Purple mattresses.  The US is a large place and Mattress Firm locations are in 49 of our states.  Unfortunately, they haven’t incorporated Purple into all of their locations.

Here are some of the locations where you can try a Purple mattress and compare it to the New Purple mattresses Purple .2, Purple .3 and Purple .4:

Chicago Phoenix SF Bay Area Sacramento
Skokie Dysart Mt View Arden
West Fullerton Tempe Colma Zinfandel, RC
Orland Park Camelback, Scottsdale Pleasant Hill Citrus Heights
Addison Mountain View, Scottsdale Richmond Florin Town Center
Northlake Happy Valley Peoria Van Ness, SF Natomas
Lawrence Mesa South San Francico Elk Grove
Oak Lawn Surprise Fremont Roseville
Clybourn Chandler Dublin Rocklin Crossing
South Loop Paradise Valley Vallejo Blue Oaks
Chicago (river north) Prescott Valley Brentwood Folsom
Forest Park Buckeye Milpitas Vacaville
Park Place Plaza Sonora Village, Scottsdale Daly City Wemento
Melrose Park Happy Valley Stevens Creek Madison
Roscoe Village Glendale Santa Rosa Rocklin
Broadway Square S Power Rd, Gilbert Gilroy Lincoln
Mount Prospect South Gilbert Commons Geary Town & Country
Broadview Crossroads, Chandler NA Davis
Pulaski Promenade Town & Country, Phoenix NA Citrus Heights
Wicker Park Flagstaff NA Truxel Rd
Ford City Mall Desert Ridge, Phoenix NA Iron Point, Folsom
Crystal Lake NA NA Hazel, RC
Evergreen Park NA NA Woodland
Lincoln Park NA NA 5 Star, Rocklin
Lakeview West NA NA Auburn
Niles NA NA Laguna, Elk Grove
Riverpoint NA NA Stanford Ranch
Skokie (touhy ave) NA NA NA
State Street NA NA NA
Park Ridge NA NA NA
DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud Mattress Review

This is one of my favorite categories, a luxury hybrid mattress.  I love the extra stability that comes from pocketed coils.  I challenge you to find a mattress that is 15″ or greater, and will ship to your door at a price of $1,399 ($1,199 after our discount coupon below).  It’s hard to do, but let’s pretend that you can find one.  Does the mattress that you found have a 365 day trial period?  Does it have a six month lease to own included with that trial period?  I’m guessing the answer is no.  That’s why it is so easy to recommend the DreamCloud.

Here are my thoughts after sleeping on the DreamCloud:

You aren’t going to get married to the bed, if for some reason it just doesn’t work for you contact DreamCloud and they will arrange for your mattress to get picked up and given to a local charity.  There is nothing to lose on this.  The company has to be extremely confident in their product to send it out with such a no hassle experience for the customer.  The biggest drawback that I can think of for the DreamCloud is that they may end up selling too many of these.  As we have seen before companies that are just too successful at selling tend to have some growing pains.  Those pains generally show up in the form of shipping delays.  Currently, DreamCloud isn’t experiencing shipping days so you should expect delivery within 5-7 business days.  Mine shipped to me in 2 DAYS!

Rana on DreamCloud Sleep Mattress


What is Inside the Mattress?

My DreamCloud mattress review wouldn’t be complete without stating that it is a 15” luxury hybrid mattress combining the best of latex, memory foam, hand crafted Cashmere, tufting and coil technology to provide the best sleep money can buy.

The DreamCloud isn’t messing around with the term Luxury.  This mattress boasts 8 layers of cover, foam, latex and individually pocketed coils.

a look inside the 8 layers of the 15 inch dreamcloud mattress

  • Let’s start from the top with the cashmere cover.
  • The second layer is a layer of cooling gel memory foam
  • Third layer brings us a quilted memory foam so that you can sink in a bit into the mattress
  • For the fourth layer the DreamCloud is loaded with a natural latex, which will help bring the mattress that bit of bounciness that I love.
  • The fifth layer brings some support to the mattress with what they call Dreamplush supporting memory foam
  • The sixth layer is a super dense foam that is setting the stage for the pocketed micro coils below
  • Seventh layer is where the real magic happens.  They have separated their pocketed micro coils into 5 different zones, making ideal support for many different types of sleepers.
  • Like the sixth layer the 8th layer is needed to support the pocketed coils.  This layer is similar in that it is high density foam
    Layers of the DreamCloud Rana on the edge of a DreamCloud Sleep Mattress
  • They also have reinforced edges, which is something I dream about when I test out hybrid mattresses.  I love the feel of “hidden” coils.  I enjoy the additional support of the coils, but the DreamCloud takes it up a notch by making sure that you can’t feel them.  It’s a huge win for those of us who sit on the edge of the bed to put on our shoes and socks!

Each DreamCloud is hand-tufted.  A process that is usually reserved for super high end mattresses that typically cost $4,000-6,000.  This process takes up to 2 hours to complete, and ensures that the mattress will have consistent firmness.  The result is a mattress that won’t have the soft spots that are probably causing you to search for a mattress today.

The DreamCloud meets all US CPSC fire resistance and flammability standards.

I discovered 2 things today when I moved the DreamCloud into my spare bedroom (so I can test a new mattress).

  1. It is Sturdy and will stand on its side without any assistance.  Many other mattresses do what I call “Tacoing”.  They kind of collapse on themselves, and fold into the shape of a taco.  Picture a mattress folding up on me.  Trust me it happens.  There is no chance that a DreamCloud will taco.
  2. Here is the shocker, when was the last time you looked at the bottom of your mattress?  Never…  Well, you can see in my video that the bottom is way more luxurious than you would expect:

The mattress isn’t flippable, but the bottom cover is nice enough that you could sleep on it if you wanted to.  There is so much attention to detail put in this mattress.  If you haven’t caught on, this mattress SCREAMS luxury.

Sleep Test Results

This mattress has universal appeal and is good for all types of sleepers.  This is my clear favorite for the hybrid category.  It is also my top pick for best mattresses for big and tall people, yeah I put that to the test also with someone three times my size.


  • Handles on each side
  • Unbeatable Price
  • Hand Tufted
  • 365 Day Sleep Trial
  • Foam encased outer edges, so you can’t feel the coils
  • Professional cleaning service (after one year)
  • Reconditioning after 5 years
  • Best mattress for big and tall people


  • Some adjustable beds work better with thinner mattresses (Update the DreamCloud adjustable base is strong enough to make their mattress work properly)
  • King Size mattresses will take 2 strong adults to set up/unbox

Who Should Buy the Mattress?

A key difference between the DreamCloud and other luxury hybrid mattresses is their lease to own program.  This is a no credit check program.  If you have a job, and a bank account you can get a DreamCloud and pay for it over a six month time period.  This really works well with their trial period.  They wouldn’t have both of those generous programs if they didn’t think that they were building a great product at a great price.  The DreamCloud essentially earns a place in your bedroom each month.  If you aren’t satisfied they will refund your money and arrange for the mattress to go to a local charity.

It works for petite people like me, but where it really shines is in the Big and Tall category.  I get questions all of the time about what type of mattress is best for a person of X size and Y height.  I have been searching high and low for a mattress that fits people in the big and tall group.  The day I unboxed my DreamCloud I knew that it could handle a large person, so I decided to put it to the ultimate test.  Enter my friend Clinton.  Well see for yourself and then I’ll go through the details:

He is about 6’8″ tall and weighs in at around 350 pounds.  The people at DreamCloud were confident that their bed would work for a person that big so they sent him one and let him sleep test it.  Fast forward a few weeks and see how happy he is on it.  Initially, he was a bit worried as his last 3 mattresses have failed on him.  I assured him that he would get a luxury mattress that will hold up to his size.  Is there a better fit for a giant than sleeping on a cloud?

Why you should consider buying the DreamCloud!

The name says it all, DreamCloud~ so dreamy !

Say goodbye to tossing and turning and grab your one way ticket to DreamCloud. Finally, a well-crafted sturdy yet luxurious and comfortable mattress at an AFFORDABLE price, all in one.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the DreamCloud warranty is one of the strongest warranties in the mattress industry, it’s Everlong. They will even re-condition and clean it for as long as you own and use it. Dream Cloud also offers 365 free night trial and free shipping and returning (but this one is a keeper, there won’t be any returning here).

You are one click away to getting the perfect coil and foam combo in one high quality mattress you can finally afford. So stop dreaming of the perfect bed and get that plush cloud feel you’ve been looking for right now.

What Type of Bed Frame Works for this Mattress?

  • Solid Platform
  • Solid Foundation
  • Slatted Base
  • Adjustable Frame
  • Floor

The thickness of the mattress, a full 15″, makes it a bit of a struggle for an adjustable base.  I’m hoping that it needs a little more time to break in, but in the first week of testing the DreamCloud is in the good tier of adjustable bed conformity.

Their everlong warranty doesn’t encourage “unusual” places for your mattress.  They are funny about it though, as they may add you to their affiliate program if your DreamCloud is in an unusual place.

Price Table

Here is a table for the: price, discounts, size and weight of the DreamCloud:

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King Cal King
$699 $999 $1,199 $1,399 $1,499 $1,499
39″ x 75″ 39″ x 80″ 54″ X 75″ 60″ X 80″ 76″ X 80″ 72″ X 84″
55 lbs 68 lbs 88 lbs 94 lbs 109 lbs 109 lbs

Note, the pricing on the Twin and Twin XL may change, as they aren’t currently being offered.  The other thing to note is that the Cal King and King are really heavy, so you will need a partner to help you move it around and set it up.  Financing is available through Affirm.

Current Specials

The DreamCloud has reduced prices by $200 for 2019 and they offer another current special of $200 off right now!  With these discounts they are now selling at their unbeatable launching price.  There is no better mattress available at this price!  I’ll top that by sending you an additional $25 gift card if you use these links to purchase of one


A few things about unboxing:

  • It is a serious workout, they packed a lot of bed into a small and very heavy bag.  Make sure you invite a friend over to help you “unbag” it.  Also take some pictures, I’m sure the folks at DreamCloud would love to add them to their website.
  • I live in Arizona which is just a few states over from their distribution center in Washington State.  My shipping time was only 2 DAYS!  I’m sure if you are on the east coast it will take a few days longer.
  • Be patient and gently remove both bags, without cutting into them.  Each of them can be repurposed for storage or something fun like camping.

Unboxing Video

Unboxing Pictures
DreamCloud Bag

DreamCloud mattress in a bag on my bed

The Queen sized mattress is heavy, but I was able to move it around with my husband.  The California King size is in another league.  It is so heavy that shipping and moving it require 2 adult males to move it around.  It is heavy enough that it may ship on a pallet for additional support.

I used the DreamCloud in my best mattress protector video.  I was scared that the mattress protectors that I used could fail and mess up my mattress, but I selected it because I knew that DreamCloud offers a one time cleaning service (I made that bold in the pros section above).  Worst case scenario, I could have tested that service out.  Fortunately, I didn’t need to as the mattress protectors did their job and kept it clean.  If you decide to watch that video skip to about 10:25 to see how much liquid was pooling in the tufted section of the DreamCloud.  I thought for sure that the liquid would get through the mattress protector.

DreamCloud just released an adjustable bed.  It is the first adjustable bed that works well with the dreamcloud mattress.  Generally thick mattresses don’t do a great job of bending on weaker adjustable frames.  Well they solved this by getting a really strong adjustable frame to move it around.  Here is how they look together:

USB ports on dreamcloud adjustable bed