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The Everywhere Purple cushion is the perfect introduction to what makes Purple Unique.

If you haven’t seen or touched Purple and you just aren’t sure if it’s too unique for you, I encourage you to spend the $39 to pick up the Everywhere seat cushion.  It will give you all of the information you need to know about Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer (the Purple egg catching part).  I have purchased and tested their original mattress, sheets, mattress protector, pillow, the Royal seat cushion and I am currently sitting on the Everywhere cushion.  I’ll cover the 2 cushions and the pillow in this review, you can read a separate post about my review of the Purple mattress.

In 2017 I purchased the Purple Pillow and the Royal seat cushion.  My main complaint about those products is the weight.  The Royal cushion clocks in at 5.4 pounds so you just aren’t going to toss it in a backpack and take it to improve the bleachers during a football game.  Now the Purple Pillow weighs in at over 10 pounds.  Seriously, it’s just too heavy.  Purple currently sells 6 versions of the seat cushion, I haven’t tried 4 of them but I can tell you for sure which one is best for me:

Enter the Everywhere seat cushion which I purchased in 2018.  It’s under 3 pounds, has cute little handles and it’s butt shaped.  Of course, all butts aren’t the same size, so I do get why they carry the larger versions.

bottom side of the everywhere purple seat cushion

This is the bottom of the cushion, notice the handles on each side so that you can fold and carry it.

In the picture above you can see that the cover has little bumps to keep it from slipping.  The Royal also had those, but the extra weight of the royal made it so that, in my case, the cushion would slide around on my chair.

It’s fun, light weight and I’m sitting on it as I write this.  Now, what’s funny about that is that I didn’t sit on the larger Royal cushion for more than a couple of hours.  The square shape of the Royal just isn’t as natural as the butt shape of the everywhere.

Current Specials

Purple tends to rotate through various products as special promotions with their mattress.  Currently the offer is for free sheets and a seat cushion with the purchase of a mattress.

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I just purchased the Everywhere Purple seat cushion

I wasn’t in love with the Royal sized seat cushion, it was a bit too bulky for me.  Today I decided to buy and review the everywhere cushion which I’m hoping is much smaller.  While I’m in the process of reviewing them I also decided to buy 4 more of them to giveaway to my active followers.  Rules for the contest can be found on my giveaways page.  Hurry this contest will end on 5/30/18.

I found it interesting that there is no noticeable powder in the Everywhere purple cushion.  There was clearly powder from the hyper-elastic manufacturing process on the pillow and the mattress.  However, that was in the summer of 2017 when I had those products.  Perhaps their manufacturing process has been fine tuned a bit and they no longer ship that way.

Here is my review of the pillow and Royal seat cushion from 2017

I’m going to give you the really short version, then you can see what I had to say last year.  The pillow is too heavy, and it just didn’t work for me.  The Royal seat cushion was also too heavy for me, but I can see the appeal for heavier people.

We purchased them on 3/31/17, the seat cushion arrived a couple weeks after we ordered and the pillow took about a month.

Purple Seat Cushion


Purple Seat CushionRoyal 1 $ 79.00
The Purple Pillow


The Purple Pillow 1 $ 99.00
Cost summary
Description Price
Subtotal $ 178.00
Shipping Free
Taxes $ 14.16
Total USD $ 192.16

We received the purple seat cushion four days after the purchase.  I assure you that if you take this out of the box you will be tempted to play with it.  It is a pretty remarkable tech, but it is on the heavy side for a seat cushion.  I could see taking this to a football or basketball game with bleacher seats, but I’m not sure how happy I would be lugging it around.  It is about 7 pounds with the cover.

Purple Seat Cushion

Should I sit on it or throw eggs at it?

The seat cover it kind of slippery, which is usually not what you are looking for in a seat cushion.  However, once it is taken off the experience of using it improves dramatically.  It becomes a little less cushy, but you gain better traction and support.  We shot some fun videos of eggs bouncing on it and a kettle bell weight flying off of it, enjoy!

The purple pillow was very heavy as well.  So much so that I felt that if I tried to silence my husband during a snoring session, the pillow may over do it and wake him up or possibly worse.  It was fun to play with, but just didn’t work for me.

TLDR Right?  Well this is old content, from April of 2017 so we moved it when we started spending more time testing pillows.  Basically, Hated the pillow and just didn’t like the seat cushion.  Surprisingly, I liked the mattress, which I thought I would hate based on my experience with the purple pillow and purple seat cushion.

An interesting section of Purple’s 8K that they filed in February 2018:

Currently, we focus primarily on a DTC e-commerce distribution model and participate in the growing DTC macro trend that is transforming the bedding industry. In addition to our DTC channel, we have developed multiple retail relationships with established vendors such as Bed Bath & Beyond, the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog, TravelCenters of America, Veterans Canteen Service and Other than, these retail relationships currently only sell our seat cushions, but we intend to expand our product lines through these relationships as we increase manufacturing capacity.

Personally, I feel like this is a good direction for Purple.  I don’t think that their Purple Pillow will ever take off if you see it in store and get to compare it to less expensive and better options.  However, the seat cushion functions properly (a slippery cover though) and when compared to other seat cushions it does shine as “different” from the competition.  My guess is that with Purple’s growing influence and marketing we will see more of their cushions in retail stores.

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