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Have you seen the Purple Goldilocks commercial?

It was so well done, they drop a huge weight with some eggs and the eggs don’t break.  So We HAVE to test it.  So I ordered a pillow and a seat cushion, so that I can play with their tech before we test out the mattress.

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We purchased them on 3/31/17, the seat cushion arrived a couple weeks after we ordered and the pillow took about a month.

Purple Seat Cushion


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We received the purple seat cushion four days after the purchase.  I assure you that if you take this out of the box you will be tempted to play with it.  It is a pretty remarkable tech, but it is on the heavy side for a seat cushion.  I could see taking this to a football or basketball game with bleacher seats, but I’m not sure how happy I would be lugging it around.  It is about 7 pounds with the cover.

Should I sit on it or throw eggs at it?

The seat cover it kind of slippery, which is usually not what you are looking for in a seat cushion.  However, once it is taken off the experience of using it improves dramatically.  It becomes a little less cushy, but you gain better traction and support.  We shot some fun videos of eggs bouncing on it and a kettle bell weight flying off of it, enjoy!

The purple pillow was very heavy as well.  So much so that I felt that if I tried to silence my husband during a snoring session, the pillow may over do it and wake him up or possibly worse.  It was fun to play with, but just didn’t work for me.

TLDR Right?  Well this is old content, from April of 2017 so we moved it when we started spending more time testing pillows.  Basically, Hated the pillow and just didn’t like the seat cushion.  Surprisingly, I liked the mattress, which I thought I would hate based on my experience with the purple pillow and purple seat cushion.

Purple pillow unboxing
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Purple Pillow: The pillow was too heavy for me. It just didn't work out for me. It's fun to play with, but that's not really the reason you buy a pillow.
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