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PangeaBed™ copper pillow

This pillow is crafted with copper infused 100% Talalay latex, made with the most naturally durable cushioning material to help the sleeper recharge overnight.

The PangeaBed™ copper pillow is perfect for cooler, cleaner sleep AND you get to try it for 60 nights.

Copper pillow

Pangea pillow

  1. Air flow technology, designed to help for better breathability and to keep your sleeping cooler.
  2. Core: Copper infused 100% pure Talalay latex: Part of what makes the Pangea pillow the ultimate breathable and cool non-allergenic pillow.
  3. The luxurious cover, soft to the touch with cotton polyester blended fabric.


The cover feels so soft, almost velvety and is made out of cotton polyester blended fabric. You can easily remove the cover thanks to the convenient zipper, which is what I did and my first impression when I grabbed this pillow was “it feels bouncy”, it’s definitely unlike any other pillows we have tested here , usually they are memory foam or just latex pillows but this one is absolutely different.

cool and breathable

Copper infused 100% pure Talalay latex pillow

Choosing the right pillow does make a lot of difference and will affect your sleep, my advice give the PangeaBed™ pillow a try!  Here is an unboxing of the pillow.

The video of the ultimate pillow fight will start on the pangeabed pillow section:


pangeabed pillow tag

Now I can’t wait to lay on that Talalay

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