Apollo Neuro Review

Apollo Neuro review

APOLLO NEURO REVIEW The Apollo Neuro is designed to increase you HRV (heart rate variability) by training your body to respond to vibrations. With 7 vibration patterns you can use through the day, the impact of touch therapy to your nervous system will leave you less stressed or anxious, and more focused, in turn preparing […]

Get Proper Review – Natural Sleep Aid

Proper sleeping aid with hemp

GET PROPER REVIEW – NATURAL SLEEP AID I have been testing Get Proper for 35 nights and am finally ready to give you my full review. I used each of Get Proper’s formulations for 5 nights and will be sharing my thoughts and findings on this natural sleep aid with and without CBD.  Note that […]

Test Et Avis Sur Le Dodow

Dodow Avis en Francais

TEST ET AVIS SUR LE DODOW Avez-vous du mal à vous endormir la nuit? Votre cerveau s’emballe, les soucis de la journée vous hantent et l’anxiété vous empêche d’obtenir le repos dont vous avez besoin? Dodow a été créé par une équipe d’insomniaques qui comprend vos difficultés et sait ce qu’il faut pour s’endormir plus […]

Dodow Sleep Aid Device Review

Dodow Sleep Aid Device Review

DODOW SLEEP AID REVIEW Are you struggling to fall asleep at night? Your brain is racing, worries from the day haunt you, and the anxiety prevents you from getting the rest you need? Dodow was created by a team of insomniacs who understand your struggles and know what it takes to fall asleep faster and […]

Nest Bedding Owl mattress review

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