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Sapira Vs. Tomorrow Sleep Vs. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

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Sapira vs tomorrow sleep vs brooklyn bedding aurora

Top 3 hybrids ranked by questions drawn from a hat

Hybrid Showdown

Each of these three hybrids are fantastic and I don’t really have a good way of separating them.  I scored them all within a point using my 1-100 review scale, but if the scale were tilted a bit perhaps their pecking order would change.  I decided I would leave it up to my audience, my friends, and my family to help me choose my favorite hybrid mattress.  All of the questions went into a hat and I drew 10 of them.  What I find fun about this Monte Carlo simulation effect is that depending on which ones are drawn there would likely be a different result.

brooklyn bedding aurora sapira and tomorrow sleep mattresses

mattress tower

Here is where it gets really fun, my husband and son compiled all of the questions and put them in a hat.  I had no idea what was inside as I started to randomly pick them out.  This is truly on the fly, with my honest personal preferences.  I’m sure you really want to know:

What’s in the hat?

In no particular order, I’ll show you what made it into the hat:

Which one is the most luxurious?
Which one sleeps the coolest?
Can you feel the coils if you put your hand on the side?
Best Value?
Coolest Company?
Best Cover?
Most Durable
Best for Side Sleepers
Best for Back Sleepers
Best for Stomach Sleepers
Best Box
Which one does your mother get to sleep on when she visits?
Best town Tupelo, Atlanta, or Phoenix?
Thickest Mattress?
Best Marketing?
Best Community Outreach?
Coolest Brand Ambassador?
Big Day Tomorrow, you need 8 hours of sleep which do you choose?
Best Name?
Easiest to move?
If you stand it on the side what happens?
You move to a new house 6 times, which one will survive?
You can give one away to a stranger which do you pick?
Best Sleep?
Best on an Adjustable Bed?
Best on a flat surface
Coolest Brand
Most Well Known

So 28 went into the hat and I only drew 10 out.  I assure you that the “loser” in this case could easily have been the winner if a few different questions were drawn.

So here it is, my showdown from a hat:

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