DreamCloud Premier

DreamCloud mattress on bed frame

DREAMCLOUD PREMIER REVIEW The DreamCloud Premier mattress has earned the Non-Biased Reviews’ Best Hybrid Mattress 2021 award for a reason! It is one of my favorite categories, a luxury hybrid mattress review.  I love the extra stability that comes from pocketed coils and the plushness from the thick layers of foam!  I challenge you to […]

Best Mattress for Big and Tall

350 pound reviewer tests dreamcloud mattress

BEST MATTRESS FOR BIG AND TALL 2021 Our Top Picks – Updated Yearly I asked my friend who is about 3 times my size to test out all of the mattresses that are built specifically for Big & Tall people.  After a few months, he came back to me with surprising results and a clear […]

How To Tell If Your Bed Is Causing Back Pain

how to tell if your bed is causing back pain

HOW TO TELL IF YOUR BED IS CAUSING BACK PAIN Do you wake up with back pain? Are your neck and back keeping you up at night? Do you feel discomfort? Are you tossing around in bed? Your mattress could be the source of your aches. How to tell if your bed is causing back […]

Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain 2021

Best mattress for lower back pain

BEST MATTRESS FOR LOWER BACK PAIN 2021 Our Top Picks – Updated Yearly If you are one of millions of Americans suffering from lower back pain, you know the excruciating pain of waking up in the morning with a bad back. You are having trouble getting comfortable, toss and turn all night, and wake up […]

GhostBed Reviews – Mattress Comparison + A Chat With Marc Werner

Interview with marc werner ghostbed

GHOSTBED REVIEWS AND MATTRESS COMPARISON A look at GhostBed’s 4 mattresses, the foundation, & the adjustable base. All GhostBed reviews in one convenient place! We had the incredible opportunity to visit the GhostBed showroom in Plantation, FL and meet with Marc Werner, GhostBed Founder and CEO. In this article, you will find all GhostBed reviews […]

Natural Form Mattress Review – The Refresh Mattress

Natural Form Refresh Mattress - best adjustable firmness mattress

NATURAL FORM MATTRESS REVIEW – REFRESH MATTRESS The Natural Form Refresh mattress might be the most unique and most luxurious mattress we have ever tested. From its dual-side firmness adjustment function to a washable Merino wool cover, it is a perfect mattress for people suffering from back and neck pain, as well as couples with […]

Nectar Premier Mattress Review

Nectar Premier Review

NECTAR PREMIER MATTRESS REVIEW I am so excited to share my review of the Nectar Premier – Nectar’s brand new, 13-inch, memory foam mattress. Fresh off the press, it comes with extra cooling properties, fits many sleeping styles, and performed incredibly well on the motion transfer test, making it a great option for couples and […]

The Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar mattress review

THE NECTAR MATTRESS REVIEW This is our updated review of The Nectar Mattress. The new 2021 Nectar Mattress is 12 inches thick, an inch thicker than the prior model, a new cooling cover, and slightly different sizes in the Twin and Twin XL models. It has become cooler to the touch while still providing cozy […]

The Nectar Mattress Review On A Boat

nectar mattress and pillow inside a sailboat

Nectar Mattress Review My first Nectar review and sleep test was done in early 2017 right after they launched into the US.  Back then they were so good at selling a super comfortable mattress at a industry busting price. Unfortunately, they were unprepared for their success, so shipping times were outrageous.  Mine took over a […]

Bearaby Nappling Weighted Blanket Review

Best weighted blanket for kids

BEARABY NAPPLING WEIGHTED BLANKET REVIEW We love bedding products specially made for kids. The Bearaby Nappling is a weighted blanket designed for kids, with everything we love in a product: 100% organic cotton, no fillers, beautiful calming colors, and 8 pounds engineered to help children fall asleep faster and deeper naturally. This one has found […]