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I was on this flight, and I’ll take you through my experience.

During the adventure I posted as often as I could and my cell phone bill will remind me how much I posted as international data rates in Goose Bay are really high.

In addition to getting pictures and video here I posted to my other accounts:

Instagram: @non_biased
And on my European sites:

Here is part 1 of the story

In French


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I can’t believe it’s October 2nd already, I have to admit I was lost in time and space these last couple of days but I managed to live to tell the tale or the horrifying journey in this case.

I have to prepare my self mentally everytime I take a flight back and forth to the middle East, it is a very long journey to begin with little did I know it was going to be a never ending journey later on!

On Friday September 29 I said goodbye to my family after spending a very sad week with them as we had to say our last Goodbyes to our Dad, at midnight I was at Beirut Airport getting ready to take the flight heading to Paris Charles De Gaulle, the trip there went smooth it was very emotional leaving Beirut but I was looking forward to just get to Phx and see my family, although it was hard to leave my kids for a whole week I was so happy I did!

Charles De Gaulle Airport was so quiet, some shops were not even open yet. I grabbed a much needed cup of coffee and a croissant, walked around this amazingly neat and clean Airport then stood in front the window where I was able to see this giant Airbus getting ready to take us thinking could this double decker be really full? 497 passengers on board? how crazy!

We hopped on board except for this one (VERY LUCKY) passenger who couldn’t make it on time, this passenger pissed me off because our flight was delayed for an hour time for the crew to fetch his luggage and clear it. We took off an hour late, thinking all the time there is no way in hell I was going to make my connection to LAX since I had only 2 hours to get my bags, go through customs and catch my flight getting my closer home. Today i am thinking how silly was I worrying about an hour delay, when later on I was going to be 24 hours late. The plane took off, I was still crying thinking about my Dad passing and how hard it was going to be on Mom with whom she shared her life with for over 52 years. That we were going to be strong and to be there for her making sure she doesn’t go through any worry or suffering, to ensure her we will be taking care of ourselves and be there for her. Also as we took off I was thrilled I am a step closer to Home, where I get to hug my kids and husband I had to spend a whole week without. So emotionally to begin with, I was a wreck! That was NOTHING comparing to what I was about to go through, an almost literal WRECK< crash.

As soon as the seat belt sign was turned off, I unbuckled hoping I could snatch an empty seat so I can crash, after all it was going to be a long trip . I was so lucky I found 2 empty seats where a lady had the 3rd one, normally they would have been instantly hers to claim but I introduced myself and asked her politely if I could crash and take turns napping since I haven’t really slept during my stay in Beirut. She was very understanding and said of course, especially that there was no language barrier she was coming from Egypt to visit her son in O.C. and I was able to speak her language. She went ahead and took the first napping shift, I wanted to take mine later, so I waited for the food, watched a movie some few hours went by then i went back to where she was sitting and told me to go ahead and rest a little bit.

I laid down my head and went into this coma as soon as I closed my eyes I was exhausted feeling excited at the same time knowing very well I am heading home, nothing was going to disturb me or wake me up until I am done sleeping. I can’t recall how long was I into my sleep when I almost fell off my seats where I was laying down, I jumped frantically starred into this Egyptian lady’s face who was just starring back at me, in a shock ! My eyes were WIDE OPEN, the airplane felt as if King Kong got a hold of it and shook it so hard, I realized right away it wasn’t turbulence at all especially with crew members moving so so fast all over the plane trying to secure and locking everything away, it took me a few minutes to realize I am away from my seat I was sharing with my sister she was able to stand up and look back as I was trying to locate her and with a single look at her I knew exactly that she wanted me back next to her, I asked permission they told me to hurry, so I did! We looked at each other and thought about my mom, how are is she going to take the news when she doesn’t need another heartache, our kids and husbands and what’s next!!? Personally I told myself I am not going to survive this as long as this plane is flying, I know I will be safe as soon as it touches ground if it ever does! Suddenly we hear the pilot announcing there was a engine failure, to stay put with seat belts on, I thought 3 seconds later ” wait, did he say engine failure?” , I looked at the moving map we were flying over the Atlantic. That does not look good at all, an engine failure over the Atlantic and lead flight attendant saying “preparez les toboggans” , excuse moi!! Les toboggans? You mean les slides? Is this a very bad scene from the Movie Final destination?? It is even worse, I am living it.

Air France flight 066 engine blew up picture

Passengers were so quiet, you can hear a needle drop, I was frozen in my seat focused on the thought that I was not going to be considered still alive or OK until we land safely and the wheels touch the ground. The pilot kept updating us, he told us the airplane is stable for the moment until we figure out where and which airport is the nearest to welcome an emergency landing, they sent a mayday! I closed my eyes, put my headset on and started listening to music, thinking about how I may be able to see my dad in the other life sooner than I thought, and how my mom and siblings might just lose their minds and how sorry I am for having them go through this. Minutes later another announcement, we will be able to land in Goose Bay, Canada, yes please who cares where or what Goose Bay is as long as we land safely, so we did and the applause and tears of 497 passengers just filled the aircraft. We are on soil, now I know what it feels like when you kneel down and kiss the ground, I always thought how silly people were when they do this, I was willing to kiss the concrete and dirt as soon as I am out of this airplane but I couldn’t. No one was able to leave this airplane since we landed on a military base for security reasons I thought oh well, at least we’re still alive. But we didn’t know we were going to be trapped inside for countless hours, I love how some people who were so eager to make it home re-booked as soon as we landed little did we all know, it was going to be a long stay.

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The updates on the situation were slow and inaccurate, not sure if they were just like us and didn’t have clear answers or were simply trying to hide the truth from us, which sucks. we did not need this right now. I shared the news with my husband asking him not to bother picking me up anytime soon, I don’t even know where we are or how and when we were going to leave Goose Bay, some crew members when asking about updates told us they are sending buses to drive us to Montreal which takes 6 hours (according to Google maps the drive takes 24 hours) or wait to make some Airplanes available to pick us up, which would take again 6 hours! This is going to be a never ending journey but the thought of how lucky I am to be alive never ever left me, that pilot is my hero.

Rana Landreth and the captain of AF66 

A few passengers were begging to go outside to smoke, crew members asked Canadian authorities permission and it was granted! Lucky them, oh wait I can pretend I’m a smoker, whatever I need to get out of here.  If there’s anything I hate it’s being contained for hours inside the same place. And so I stood in line for the next smokers bus ride, I can’t even describe the feeling when I got to breathe some fresh air outside this airplane, it felt like I’m alive again. we got on a bus that drove us maybe 2 minutes away from where we landed to Goose Bay Office lobby, I grabbed a business card and brochure for keepsakes.

Stuff from Goose bay airport af66 

Then stretched a little, went to use the bathrooms that felt so big even the lobby felt so spacious being outside alone I felt so free. Those few minutes of freedom ended when the Lead attendant, who was supervising us, announced that it’s time to go back. It was the last bus trips to that lobby and I was so fortunate I was able to make it. I kept updating my family and it was costing me a fortune every time I did because I had to activate outside the Sates Data, my husband asked me not to worry as long as we are safe and sound. Now the tricky part, how do we tell my family in Lebanon, who is tracking this flight, our whereabouts and what happened and this whole messy situation after all they did not need to hear bad news anymore.  It was already the saddest week of my Dad passing and funeral, we had to tell someone maybe just my sister, secretly and calmly making sure she doesn’t tell anyone yet, we know our family well and how they were going to react to this. And so we did call my sister via Whatsap, we broke the news in a manner were she was able to comprehend that we are still breathing, we are still moving and that we didn’t end up in the bottom of the Atlantic. She was so thrilled of course but it didn’t take the rest of my family members long until they found out about the almost deadly crash watching the news! Crap, our mother was our major worry, she absolutely did not need to hear that right now. My little sister put on her clothes quickly and drove to my Mom’s house so she’s available for when she hears the news because that’s the first thing mother does in the morning, turns her radio on. My brother made it there too, they knew what the situation was they called us to my sister’s phone, my brother and mom were sobbing when they heard our voices, dude is like 50 years old, and he was crying like a baby, his voice was shaking I, who escaped death, was calming him down. This trip definitely damaged us and our families mentally. Crazy thing is that they never supplied us with phone calls or communication available, forget about me whose bill hit over $350, think about that Egyptian lady who had no access whatsoever to any sort of communication with her son, we had to help her anyway we could so she can update her son in CA. and husband IN EGYPT. I am positive they could have helped if they wanted but they told her there was no phones available, we asked if we could at least be logged nearby since it has been past the 6 hours, they told us we were not allowed to leave that we had to go through Canadian customs back and forth, that it was just impossible and that we were prisoners inside this plane. People started complaining about lack of food, there was no water for us to wash our hands we had to take water cups in the bathrooms for us to do so and it stated to smell bad. Later on Canadian border people sent us sandwiches (I had completely lost my appetite) and some gallons of water, by the way crew members completely failed at announcing that there was fresh sandwiches on board, they didn’t even bother passing them out.Some passengers found out later on by pure coincidence my sister and I just happened to be sitting by the galley/ kitchen where boxes were dropped off.

Food from Goose Bay Canada on our AF66 flight Thanks for the food Canada!

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Here’s the funny thing about the Canadian food.  I’m in the front by the kitchen, row 12, and there was no announcement about the food.  The crew didn’t bother to pass it out, or say the first 20 rows please come up and grab a sandwich, ok now the next 20 rows come grab a sandwich.  Nothing, we just discovered the food since we were close to it and had to pass the information on.  I think I’m going to start reviewing airlines and their crew.  Because they get a zero on the information & sandwich sharing category, which I’m sure are standard rating categories.

That didn’t stop that massive Airbus380 from becoming, at least to me, suddenly so small and narrow and tight, an old lady was crying screaming in Portuguese, 2 other ladies started panicking asking them to give us straight and clear answers, to let us out, to supply us with phones so we can contact our loved ones, I started to think it took these people so long to panic and then it hit me, they are taking advantage of us being so calm and quiet maybe, then I thought again about that lucky bastard who missed the plane delaying our flight- SO LUCKY! And how happy I was traveling without my kids, I almost took my 3 Y.O., can you imagine a child being trapped for so many hours?? inside? I am a grown up and I almost lost it. There were babies and moms on board, I was so lucky I wasn’t one of them that day. Another announcement, I lost track of time, but I know September ended and a new month started we were still inside that plane, but some good news at least, first Airplane is here to pick up a few passengers, I asked them in French who will be the fortunate ones of course the answer was ” it wasn’t us who decide!”, really? who makes that decision? The Canadians?? let’s just blame them.

It was so good to see passengers leaving the plane to board the first small plane that could hold around 130 people, per the pilot announcement. seeing them getting on that bus, some of them chose to walk I was thinking just go go go, don’t look back.

Hopefully we are next, They told us we will be next, in an hour. An hour does not affect me at all at this point, we waited 18 hours inside this plane another hour is not going to kill me as much as I was eager to just leave this place. sadly they didn’t let moms and babies on the first plane, I was so pissed. That Mom came crying she was running out of formula and diapers. Come On! All they could do to help her was to move her to first class, wow- Then they moved passengers sitting in exit rows to first class, I asked why them the answer ” they helped us”. B.S. I kept bugging them to move me and my sister too so they did, they were not too happy about it, but they did. God it felt so good to just lay down a little bit and rest my back and neck for a few minutes, every single piece of my body was hurting. These few “heavenly” moments ended when they announced again that it’s time to take our original seats and get our boarding passes and belongings because we will be moving soon to the rescue plane, WHAT?! I jumped off my comfortable first class seat, grabbed my things and my boarding pass waiting aguishly for them to assign us seats on the new plane which took forever, again! Duh there was like 400 passengers in the same boat (airplane) who were all eager to leave that place. They announced they ” on va desembarquer en groupe de 40 personnes”, we will be disembarking in group of 40 (people) using the back doors of the plane. And so they did, I could hear people clapping their hands all the way in the back of the plane, what a relief. Soon enough they let us out using the front door nearest to our seats, FREEDOM FEELS MAGICAL. Got on a bus, filmed my last footage from the bus  taking us to the rescue plane the shattered engine looked like a skeleton, all melted and naked.

On the rescue plane we were assigned the same seats, of course we had to wait for them to load all bags- first airplane only took passengers it didn’t have the capacity to carry bags- and for passengers to board, maybe another hour or so but who’s counting huh! As we finally took off I looked the beautiful green forests and gazed at that pink horizon and thought man I have to take a picture of that but absolutely didn’t feel like it, I could have but I just wanted to say Adieu Goose bay forever. Only on board also that they have announced “hey, since you have been so quiet and well behaving we won’t be taking you to L.A. as promised, we are going to Atlanta!” Oh you better get us on a direct flight from there to Phx we kind of told the flight attendant, who wasn’t helpful and tried to ignore us. “Des que vous arrivez a Atlanta, il y aura un groupe qui vous attend et qui va vous aidez”- Liar. Because we made it to Atlanta, had to go through customs (keep in mind there was a river a people trying to do the same), then run to grab our bags and hustle to Delta booking. There was no one waiting to help us efficiently, we had to wait in line with all the others soon enough almost all flights to L.A. were full they started offering people hotel rooms which of course they were not happy about. Now my sister and I are up next, we went straight to the point “put us on the next flight to Phx” we were in luck our guy was helpful, he tried his best and got us on standby for the upcoming 2 flights and then there was one leaving for sure at 7:47 or something close to 8:pm. We will take our chances we thought. We checked in our bags to fly to Phx,we had just missed a flight, but we grabbed the standby for the flight leaving 2:00 pm, found our gate crossed our fingers and sat still hoping our names show up first on the screen and we get selected to hop on that flight. The thought of how come we did not receive special treatment, or why didn’t you get boarding passes and seats made available for us when you had ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD DELTA TO WORK ON THEM! We were just rushing relaying on ourselves and our luck!

Finally, our names appeared on the screen, 1 my sister 2 mine Hooray that’s a good sign, later on it showed they had one seat available I looked at my sister who was so pale looking just like a walking zombie and told her “please take it, just get on that flight and leave you need it more than I do!” (we both needed, and my sister would do anything for me but she didn’t say no this time, she asked me if I was sure I told her absolutely, just go I will grab the 8pm promise, poor thing really wanted to leave but so sad she is leaving me behind she even asked the lady 3 different times to double check, the answer was always “it’s a full flight”. I hugged her goodbye and as she walked by the counter to scan her ticket that same lady told her something and I could hear my sister say YAY, THANK YOU THANK YOU! I thought maybe she was too happy she found that seat she looked at me and with a sign of her hand she asked me to come closer, that magically there was a seat available right next to her not any seat a window seat! I started sobbing, the guy behind me asked me if I was Ok and if I needed anything told him it’s been a long long journey so he gave me hug Oh well there’s still compassion in this universe. We told him our story as we were walking down to board he said “Jesus Christ no wonder you were crying!”.

We got onboard, sat next to each other in three and a half hours finally we will get to see our kids, our families I shouldn’t forget why I traveled to begin with, but for a moment I did.

TLDR, I arrived home around 24 hours later than I expected.  My journey started as I left Beirut Lebanon with my sister.  The real action didn’t start until after we left CDG airport in Paris on Air France Flight 66 on 9/30/17.

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Here are the fun pictures.  Landed at Goose Bay Military base, at 9 am pacific time.  We were still on the plane like 15 hours later, apparently they don’t want us hanging out on their military base.

Sucks to be in Goose Bay, but glad to be alive.



They changed the destination from LAX to ATL Changed flight plan from Goose Bay LAX to Goose Bay ATL

It has been almost 9 hours on the runway here, plus 5-6 hours of flight time.  They let smokers off but the rest are stuck on the plane.

Air France emergency landing in Goose Bay.  AF 066 was a bit delayed, I should be in Phoenix by now, lucky to be alive though.

 AF66 MEA schedule

My sister and I aren’t in first class, so we don’t get to take the first flight out… But here it is for those lucky few.
Bye 1st class have a safe trip home, we will hold down the fort in Goose Bay…

2 hours to transfer from AF66 to my phoenix flight Since we took off late I was worried that we wouldn’t make our connection in LAX. Didn’t cross my mind I would spend the day and night in Goose bay

 Something for the old scrap book:

And our flight plan.

AF 66 in goose bay

can’t do the math on how long it has been since we left CDG…

Bit of Fresh air that the crew seem to be enjoying:

Well at least the door is open on air france 66
I wonder if she’s reading my site on her tablet…

Last class may get rescued soon

Who wants to practice their French today? Still on the plane:

It’s time to leave Goose Bay!

This footage was seen on ABC World News Tonight on 10/1/17.  It shows the bus ride from the AF66 flight to our rescue plane to Atlanta.  You can see the Engine as we drive by it, of course the other thing to note is that it is DARK, yet we landed in the morning…

UPDATE I’m off the plane, bye bye AF66.  The footage of my sister leaving the plane from this video made it on ABC World News Tonight 10/1/17

My turn on the bus, gonna leave goose bay soon

On the new plane that’s no longer headed to LAX.  Bring on Atlanta, that’s ATL right?  You guys think I can catch a direct flight from there to PHX?

Air France 66 which left a day after we did is going to beat me home, just saying…

Facebook post from Dr. Sean Kelishadi, he recognized I was on this flight and lost my father in the same week. Outside of the family my family friend Dr. Sean Kelishadi was one of the first to put 2 and 2 together to realize that my father just passed away and that’s why I was on the flight in the first place.

From my Twitter account. Thanks Alexis Gion

The nightmare continues, they can’t get everyone to LAX so they are getting us hotel rooms in Atlanta. I’m in line going to ask if I can go to my final destination Phoenix. Wish me luck!

Update, my sister and I got the last two standby tickets to Phoenix.  We are scheduled to arrive just 25 hours late!

Home now, had time to take a bath a quick nap and catch some of my footage on ABC World News Tonight.  Surreal to be on a national telecast, what a crazy adventure.

Here is an edit which shows the footage I took which was used by ABC world news tonight. For some reason it was uncredited, they knew who I am so that part seemed a little strange to me.

Air France Flight 66 enginve blew up
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Air France Flight 66 enginve blew up
Our AF 66 flight had a bit of engine trouble so we landed in Goose Bay. We have been here since 9 am pacific time. They let me off the airplane to smoke for a few mins. Other than that we were trapped on the plane and I got home 24 hours later than expected. Let me walk you through my experience.
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