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Now that Casper has 3 mattresses which one is best for you?

I have slept on all three of them, so I’m not saying I’m an expert, but I can tell you how my sleep experience was.

First, I’m a side sleeper so I like a bit of hug from the top of the mattress and generally prefer mattresses on the softer side.  Were I a back sleeper, I would want a more firm mattress, and a stomach sleeper would want a really firm mattress.  I’m also petite, around 110 lbs, which means that the team at Casper may not have my body or sleeping type in mind when they construct their mattresses.


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Casper Essential from the Side

Casper Essential

rana from here video review of the casper mattress

Traditional Casper


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Let’s talk about the 3 types of Casper mattresses

Casper has expanded from 1 mattress option to 3 and now has the good, better, best strategy for the three.  The good one is their Essential, the better is the traditional Casper, the best is their Casper Wave.  For a queen size the price is:

  • Essential $600
  • Traditional $950
  • Wave $1850!

    Rana on a Casper wave with the foam layers showing

    Casper Wave

A Casper Wave is double the price of the Traditional and triple the price of an Essential.

As they go up in price you start to pick up additional layers and thickness.  The essential is 8.5 inches in 3 layers.  The traditional Casper is 10″ in 4 layers, the extra layer you pick up is a memory foam layer.  The next step up on price is to the Wave, which is 11.5″ in 5 layers.  The Wave adds a hypersensitive top layer and a latex layer.  Both layers are fantastic.  Then comes the controversy with the Casper Wave.

They are currently in a lawsuit around their design of the Casper Wave.  Serta claims that Casper is using their design which centers around the layers that are supposed to align the spine.

The polymer layer of the Casper Wave

The 4th layer is epicenter of Serta vs. Casper lawsuit

If you count from the top the 4th layer has “holes” cut out of it where your shoulders and legs go.  In the middle of the bed where my hands are is a polymer section which is designed to lift up your midsection.  In my case it lifted up my midsection too much and brought me severe back pain.  I gave the Casper Wave a shot, but my sleep experience on it was miserable.  I came to the conclusion that they must have designed the wave for heavier people.

Casper Price Table

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Type of Mattress Twin Twin XL Full Queen King California King
Casper $595 $645 $895 $995 $1,195 $1,195
Casper Wave $1,000 $1,150 $1,650 $1,850 $2,250 $2,250
Casper Essential $350 $400 $500 $600 $725 $725


Firmness Levels of the 3 Casper Mattresses

The essential is the latest one to be released, and I expected that the 3 would line up with the good, better, best idea in mind to have the Essential the softest, the traditional in the middle and the Wave to be the firm one.  It turns out that the Essential is between the traditional Casper and the Wave.  Here is my updated mattress firmness scale:

Mattress Firmness scale or chart

If I’m a Side Sleeper I should choose which Casper?

My personal preference is the traditional Casper.  It is more expensive than the Essential, but that top layer provides the perfect hug that we side sleepers need.  As a side sleeper I wouldn’t be upset with the choice of the Casper Essential, and I would have an extra $350 in my pocket.  So, it’s a close 2nd.  In my opinion, side sleepers (especially petite ones)  need to stay clear of the Wave.

As a side sleeper I did appreciate the top two layers of the Wave, and it does have a stylish cover.  Casper’s next mattress is going to be called the Casper Dream (btw I’m just pitching an idea to them this isn’t a real thing).  This Casper Dream is going to use the top 2 layers of the Wave and place them on the 3 layers of the Casper Essential.  It’s then going in the Wave cover.  There is a problem with the math though.  The 2 layers of the Wave are 2″ total and the Essential is 8.5″.  So we are an inch short of filling the Wave cover.  My suggestion would be to increase the top two layers of the wave by 0.5″ each.  Also bring back the iconic Casper tags on the sides.  There you have it folks the New Casper Dream.  It should retail at about $1200.

I’m a Back Sleeper, which Casper should I choose?

A back sleeper is going to have a tougher choice.  The Essential will provide a bit more support than the traditional Casper, but it’s not as luxurious.  You can feel a slight difference in quality as you step up from the Essential.  Now, would a back sleeper fair well on the Casper Wave?  I would suggest that they need to be on the larger side to go for the wave.  My husband is a back sleeper at around 185 lbs and the Wave didn’t work for him.

A back sleeper should be equally pleased with the essential or the traditional Casper, however, if they are on the heavier side the Essential offers more firmness/support.

I’m a Stomach Sleeper, which Casper is best for me?

I don’t sleep on my stomach, but if I did I know I would need a firm mattress.  This means that the traditional Casper would be out.  Then, you have to decide if you are willing to take the gamble that the polymer section of the Wave won’t give you too much push back on your hips.  If it does, you won’t have the perfect spinal alignment that you are looking for.  So your best bet is going to be the new Casper Essential.

I have an adjustable bed, or want to get one, which Casper works the best?

Adjustable bed frames are amazing, but they have a few drawbacks.  First, if you have a interlocking coil mattress don’t even try to use it on an adjustable frame.  Pocketed coils generally work.  If the top of the mattress is a quilted cover that is glued to the top layer of foam, then it wont work on an adjustable.  If a mattress is too tall, or too rigid it won’t work either.

You can see that the Casper Essential did a nice job on my adjustable base, I don’t have a Casper adjustable base.  However, I assume that it would also work on their base.  If my readers end up using my links to buy a bunch of Casper products, I’ll use those proceeds to buy one so that I can test it also, no pressure though!

Casper Wave on an adjustable base

Large Gap between the adjustable frame and the Casper Wave

The Casper Wave is a bit too big to have the flexibility necessary to conform to my adjustable base.  Perhaps it would fare better on the adjustable base that Casper sells.

I haven’t tested the Traditional Casper on an adjustable base, but it has a feel that is closer to the Essential so I would bet that it does just fine on an adjustable base.

Since it is difficult to try all of the Casper models in person, they offer a 100 night trial period.

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You can purchase Casper from Amazon or from Target or directly from Casper.  Note: If you want to buy a Casper and click these links I won’t get a dime, nickel or even a penny if you choose to go directly to Casper, the other two will help me continue to purchase more Casper products to test out.

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How does your favorite Casper stack up against the other mattresses I have sleep tested?  Use the comparison tool to find out!

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