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Top Foam Mattresses as of 2017

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series

I have tested out 21 mattresses so far this year, and after you have been through that many you start to know if you are going to like them almost immediately.  The Alexander Signature Series was an instant hit for me.  No noticeable off gassing, handles on the box, handles on the sides of the mattress, a cool design on a soft cover, cooling tech inside the mattress, 3 levels of firmness to choose from.  Well, I think you get the idea, I love it!

rana on a nest bedding alexander signature series mattress


So why Layla is ranked #2?

Besides the fact that the Layla is the only mattress that has two different firmness levels built in, where the sleeper can have the option of flipping the mattress to either a firm or soft side, Layla’s foam is infused with copper cells to keep you cool and keeping cool helps you sleep better and longer without tossing and turning.

We don’t want to forget about the cover, the closest thing to your body, infused with Thermo- Gel to keep you even cooler.

Layla mattress cross section

A lot of layers, don’t forget you can flip them

Layla also offers a lifetime warranty on its products, and most importantly it is made here in the USA with Top Quality foam and fabric.

All those features and much more make the Layla a high end mattress, you just have to try it to believe it. You’re just a click away- Keep in mind you can try the Layla up to 4 months after purchase, and in case you don’t like it, which is doubtful, you can return it without hassle.

 3nd place comes the Nectar

What makes the Nectar different than other foam mattresses, is the touch of bounce it offers that you don’t typically find in other premium foam mattresses, with soft rest feel and firmness that is just right providing you with support that your body needs. The Nectar mattress is comfortable.

Nectar’s top layer of quilted memory foam stimulates air flow beneath the body, while the Tencel fabric keeps the heat away.

The layers and fabric combination allows the Nectar to contour and support your body making it the perfect Medium Firm mattress delivering balanced weight distribution and pressure relief.

Nectar layers

The Nectar mattress is well known for its adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam that helps you support the body while providing rebound and bounce simultaneously.

In addition to its Free Shipping and Free return, you can take Nectar home for a 365 night trial. That alone is something you should consider if you decide to go with them!


The Leesa mattress:

Built with high quality materials to ensure better night sleep the three foam layers deliver cooling bounce, contouring pressure relief and core support, here’s real quick what makes the Leesa so special, layer by layer.

Cooling Avena Foam Layer

1. Cooling Avena® Foam

The two inch top layer allows air-flow for a cooler night’s sleep. The Avena foam also provides enough bounce for freedom of movement.

Pressure Relieving Memory Foam

2. Pressure Relieving Memory Foam

The 2” memory foam layer provides the body contouring and pressure relief you’ve come to expect from memory foam.

Dense Core Support

3. Dense Core Support

The 6” dense core support foam adds strength, durability and structure to support sleepers of all sizes, without feeling too firm on top

Moving on to the other #5 on the list, The Helix mattress is really something to rave about, you can individually design it, custom build it, and personalize it, just for you. We got the dual comfort mattress where they took our results and individually personalize each side, splitting the mattress in the middle.

Inside the Helix Hybrid mattress you will find their own Dynamic Foam as well as High-Grade Polyfoam together adaptable and incredibly reactive. Here’s my personal favorite ingredient, Pocketed Microcoils allowing better airflow to keep things cool, adding some springiness, resulting to better, localized, pressure relief than foam.  I know what you are thinking, that makes it a hybrid right?  Well sometimes I like to think of the Helix as a foam mattress that just happens to have tiny coils for extra stability.

Designed and assembled in the USA at #6 we have the Casper mattress, let’s take a quick peek at what’s in it:


Knit Cover

Knit Cover

Made from premium textiles, the zip-off cover is breathable and easy to clean.

Open-Cell Latex Foam

Open-Cell Foam

Their proprietary foam keeps the sleeper cool and adds bounce.

Responsive Memory Foam

Responsive Memory Foam

Supportive memory foam provides pressure relief.

Adaptive Transition Foam

Adaptive Transition Foam

Transition layer provides deep comfort through consistent weight distribution.

Durable Support Foam

Durable Support Foam

Support foam strengthens the comfort layers and adds long-lasting durability.

Our newcomer at #7 did not fail or disappoint us as we reviewed it, we’re talking about the The Aloha Mattress:

The Aloha Sleep mattress features Cool Sleeping Gel Foam layers to help alleviate pressure and a strong, supportive base material to keep your back in alignment. These features mean you will sleep cool, sleep supported and sleep comfortably. You have the opportunity to try this mattress up to 500 nights!  Super cool.


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Top Foam Mattresses 2017

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature
I had trouble coming up with cons for this mattress. I have tested more than 20 mattresses this year and this is the only one that had the ability to change me from a side sleeper into a side & back sleeper. With three levels of firmness, you should be able to find the one that is right for you, I highly recommend this mattress! Read full review
No zipper, I really didn't want to destroy the mattress by cutting it open
11" of Quality
Stays Cool
Soft Cover
Great Level of Support (3 Options)
Converted me from a side sleeper to a combo sleeper
Enter the code for $200 off your purchase
Layla Sleep
The flip-able Layla Sleep offers 2 levels of firmness in one bed. It has copper infused memory foam and cooling gel for great sleep. Read full review
no handles on the mattress
Sleeps Cool
Firm side of soft side?
Copper infused memory foam
Nectar Sleep Mattress
If they can improve their shipping and customer service they would be a highly recommended company, as they make a great mattress.Read full review
Long shipping delays
Poor customer service
Sturdy Mattress
Exceptional Value
$125 off Nectar Sleep
Brooklyn Bedding Mattress (BME)
Amazing value! When you sit on this you can feel the value. This mattress should be much more expensive than it is. Fortunately, it is made in the USA and shipped directly to the consumer. Since they don't have a middleman, this allows Brooklyn Bedding to ship out a great mattress at an amazing price.Read full review
The cover is glued to the top layers so it doesn't work on an adjustable frame
Add some handles to the boxes to make it easier on the UPS/Fedex people
You can feel the value right away. I haven't found a better value at this price.
Handles on the sides of the mattress, none on the box though.
Built to support heavier people, no chance of bottoming out unless you are really large
Leesa Mattress
Want to splash into a Leesa Like Michael Phelps? Give it a try.Read full review
When standing on it you feel a bit of sinkage
Air Flow Layer keeps it cool
Amazing Cover, so amazing they used the same materials for a blanket and pillow
1 in 10 program is unique to the industry
Coupons & Discount Codes
Casper Mattress
It's hard not to give Casper a try, I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who is not too large.Read full review
A good amount of sinkage/very large people may have problems
A touch more expensive than it could be
Coupons & Discount Codes
If you haven't tried out talalay latex now is the time to test it. The latex combined with copper infusion keep the mattress cool at night. Made in the USA, 100 night trial, Queen priced below $1,000Read full review
No zipper, I really didn't want to destroy the mattress by cutting it open
There is a bit of a smell when you cut into the latex
Talalay latex is breathable and responsive/bouncy
Copper infusion is antimicrobial & Keeps the mattress cool
Matsleep Mattress
Handles on the box, wheels on the box, handles on all 4 sides of the mattress. COOL cover. Matsleep has an amazing first impression.Read full review
May not be suitable for very large people
Cool Tencel Cover
Easy to move/unbox
Coupons & Discount Codes
For how much I hated the Purple Pillow, no way did I expect to actually like this. Turns out it is a great choice for a small side sleeper like me. In addition, if you have an adjustable frame the Purple Mattress will take it to a new level.Read full review
waterbed like motion transfer
may not be suitable for heavier people
Nice support for side sleepers
Works well on an adjustable bed
Coupons & Discount Codes
Aloha Sleep
Designed to compete with more popular mattresses like Tuft & Needle. It is one of the better mattresses at this price, but they don't really market it well, it's a hidden gem.Read full review
New Company/Poor Communication
No Zipper
Nice Value
Sleeps Cool
Nice Cover Design
$50 Off

Mattress Firmness Scale

I have slept on each of these beds for around 2 weeks so I have a good feel for how firm they are in relation to each other.  Your preferences may be a bit different, or you may have your scale shifted a bit one way or the other.  On the extremes there isn’t really a debate, I know that Eve and Matsleep are far softer than the Casper Wave or The Bear mattress.  Of course it is going to get a little more complicated where you see all of the companies stacked together around 6-7.

Firmness level for mattresses

Soft on the left, Firm on the right

Top Foam Mattresses
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Top Foam Mattresses
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