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Tomorrow Sleep’s adjustable bed completes the sleep package.

They offer a complete one stop shopping experience and if you are like me an adjustable frame is a necessary sleep tool.  Once I discovered the anti snore position on my frame my nights became increasingly more restful.  Plus, I no longer have to smack my sleep partner with a pillow during the night.  Win-win right?


Sleep Test Results


• I have tried several mattresses on it and haven’t had any major issues

• Blends in with the cover of both tomorrow sleep mattresses

• USB ports on both sides of the bed (note they are hard to find but they are there)

• I think they missed out on an opportunity to link it with their SleepTracker

At CES this year I saw a company integrate their sleep monitors with their adjustable frame.  I’m willing to bet that tomorrow sleep upgrades their adjustable base in the future to work with their Sleeptracker.  My ultimate dream sleep system would allow me to sleep in my prefered sleep position and then if the Sleeptracker detects something wrong (like snoring) it would adjust to a different position (like anti-snore).  So we aren’t there yet with the tomorrow sleep system, perhaps we will get there sometime soon (maybe Tomorrow…)

Who Should Buy this Adjustable Frame?

People who are looking for a sleek adjustable bed that will blend in with their tomorrow sleep mattress.  It is more smooth than budget adjustable bases, but it lacks the perks of the high end adjustable frames.  It doesn’t have:

  • A Massage feature
  • Underbed lights
  • Flashlight on the remote
  • Integration with the Tomorrow SleepTracker

The people at Serta Simmons Bedding are smart, I would take a bet that they come out with a premium adjustable base in the future that integrates all of those items.

What Type of Bed Works with this Adjustable Base?

  • All foam mattress
  • Latex mattress
  • Hybrid mattress (make sure that the coils are individually wrapped, like the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid)

Price Table

Twin XL Queen Split King
$849 $999 $1,698
$100 Off $100 Off $100 Off
100 Day Trial 100 Day Trial 100 Day Trial

Current Specials

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Unboxing Video

Unboxing Pictures

 team lift box for tomorrow sleep adjustable base

Team lift, not a joke queen size weighs about 140 lbs.tomorrow sleep foam mattress and adjustable base
inside the tomorrow sleep adjustable bedset up instructions tomorrow sleep adjustable base