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Sleep Trackers

I have been searching for a Sleep Tracker for awhile now

I just haven’t had any luck with any of the devices that I have tried.  So now I’m doing a head to head competition of the Eight Sleep tracker and the Tomorrow Sleeptracker.

After spending over a month testing the Tomorrow Sleeptracker and the Eight Sleep tracker, here is what I think about them.

Set up Process

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that either of them are easy to set up, it took close to 30 minutes to get both of them hooked up.  So I’ll take you through the process step by step.  Both sensors connect to your smart phone through their apps, and they are also both compatible with Alexa. If you don’t believe me watch the video below:

Tomorrow SleepTracker Monitor Set Up

The first part is easy take the main unit, which has a sticker that says 1 & 2.  Find the tracking sensors 1 & 2 and plug them into the main unit.  Then take the tape covers off the back of each data gathering device and put them underneath your mattress at the pillow area closest to each edge of the bed.  Then take the wifi enabled unit and plug it in and keep it under your bed in the middle.

Easy so far, right?  Now it gets more time consuming and this part actually put me to sleep so my husband took over.  Grab your smart phone and the qr code that comes in the box.  Download the app on the google play store or the appstore.  Then Enter an email account to start the set up process.  Provide details about yourself and the type of mattress you are on.  Then it will ask you to connect your smartphone to the main data gathering unit through wifi.  First you scan the QR code they give you, which takes a second.  Then you search for the new wifi signal that you see in your room.  Then it gets a bit complicated as you have to allow their app and wifi device to connect to your home wifi account.  It sounds easy, but for me I had to make sure I adjusted settings to get the two wifi networks to talk to each other.  My home wifi wasn’t really excited about letting in an intruder.  After that you can start to set your sleep preferences and timing, but the system says it needs some sleep time to understand your sleep habits.  So don’t expect exact results the first night.

What’s that you have a partner in bed with you?  Your app will give you a code which you can give to your partner.  So you have to rinse wash and repeat many of the steps.  Your partner needs to download the app and then they just enter in the code from your app and they are pretty much set up.  They need to add an email address and some of their details, height and weight etc.

Eight Sleep Tracker Set Up

The Eight Sleep blanket goes over your mattress and then you plug the wifi sensor into the plug on the top left side of your bed.  The cover has a sticker on it so that you don’t get lost…  You then position the circular unit on the ground closer to that side than the middle of the bed and plug it in.  After that you are free to put the sheets and comforter over the Eight Sleep cover.  Easy enough right?

Well now you need to download the app from google play or from the apple store.  Again you need to start an account, give your information and connect to the main unit via wifi on your smart phone.  I also had problems convincing my house’s wifi to let the Eight wifi in the system.  I’m not sure which tracker put me to sleep but this stage stumped me twice and my husband had to take over.  He said it was just user error, that I was clicking the wrong settings on my phone and wouldn’t let my wifi talk to the Eight Sleep wifi.  Anyway, he solved the problem and it started gathering data last night.

Once you are hooked up your partner will need to download the app and start an account and answer some questions.

I woke up this morning to a warm mattress.  My husband thought it would be nice to turn the Eight Sleep heater on my side, since it was cold.  As winter approaches I have a feeling I’m going to be using that part of the tracker more often.

Tomorrow Sleeptracker and eight sleep trackerEight Sleep tracker and sensor pad

Here are the other sleep devices I have tried, but didn’t get the results I was looking for.

I have tested the Samsung App but didn’t really like all of the manual labor that I needed to put into the app to get it to work.  I just don’t have anyway of reliably telling the app that I’m going to actually fall asleep in the next few minutes.  I didn’t use it past the trial period, but I could tell that it wasn’t what I was looking for.

I tried several Fitbits and Misfit sleep trackers and didn’t get what I was looking for out of them.  Plus, I’m just not enough of a fitness guru to want to wear the watches or monitors all of the time.  I found that my phone did enough fitness tracking for me.  So the sleep tracking search continued.

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