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You have all the right to hit the snooze button again and again when sleeping on the Serta iComfort. Below are all the details on why!

The Serta iComfort Blue is a 9.75″ all foam mattress consisting of 4 layers designed to keep you cold and hug your body.

By cold I don’t mean, BRRR cold, maybe Cooling is a better word here. It also offers pressure relieving comfort while conforming to every motion of your body supporting every curve!

That’s a lot of work for one mattress! Here’s the super secret component, that is not a secret anymore: A layer of (what they call at Serta) EverCool Fuze Gel memory Foam. It helps enhance breathability to promote airflow keeping the heat from building up~

Not your typical Gel memory Foam! 

Nobody likes to sleep hot or wake up sweaty. Not only it’s not the most uncomfortable feeling, it will also interrupt your slumber and you will struggle to try to go back to sleep. 

You are probably thinking right now foam = hot!

Not in this case and this is why Serta iComfort Blue will keep you cool and the heat away. TempActiv cooling technology is designed to help you find the right sleeping temperature. Your body will thank you! 

Before we jump in to our review of the Serta iComfort Blue, here are some Key Features, aka what makes it a deal breaker:

TempActiv Gel Memory Foam

Evercool® Fuze Memory Foam

Ultimate Edge® Foam Support Core

Compatible with Serta Adjustable Foundations or your own adjustable bed of course. It is probably a better deal when you bundle and save through their website. A one stop shopping is better, saves time and money! 


Sleep Test Results

Here is what I think about the iComfort Blue:

  • True it is all foam, but it sleeps cool .
  • Great support ! It holds your body well even when you move .
  • Works on adjustable bases.
  • The only con I think of is that you may be late to work! Leaving the iComfort is not going to be easy.
No need to worry if you are not a big fan of all foam mattresses! Serta has also launched their all new iComfort Hybrid designed from the inside out with top quality coils and foam to deliver even better support and comfort.

What is Inside the Mattress?

The Serta iComfort Blue is almost 10″ High. Actually not quiet, 9.75″ to be more precise.
The comfort layer consists of three perfectly balanced layers of premium foam:

    ¾” TempActiv™ Gel Memory Foam
    2” EverCool® Fuze™ Memory Foam
    1” Serta® Balanced Support Foam.

And the Support System, the name says it all. A solid 6″ of Serta Ultimate Edge Foam Core.

It is known that the memory foam has the ability to really hug your body.  Unfortunately, memory foam has the ability to retain your body heat.  That’s where the Serta iComfort Blue has a 3/4″ TempActiv Gel Memory foam located on the top, comes to play! It keeps you cool and helps you sleep longer and interrupted.

Also, the overall make-up of materials used in all Serta products is proprietary.

Who Should Buy the Mattress?

Anyone who is considering waking up feeling relaxed and more energetic must check out the Serta iComfort Blue 100 mattress! You will receive : Cooling, pressure- relieving comfort, enhanced breathability and air flow all while supporting every movement and curve of your body.

It is almost magical how you will notice that soreness or minor joint pain you had is almost gone. I am not saying that a mattress might replace your physician, but it works! Hip, neck or back pain can be reduced when you chose the right mattress with the right level of comfort.

As a side and back sleeper, I have felt not only comfort and support on the Serta Gentle Firm, I have received enough hug especially on my shoulders and hip ( almost where all the tension and ache are felt the most). Enough to the point I was very satisfied when I woke up from my nap or sleep. No one wants to wake up feeling tired! You know a bed is thoughtfully made when you wake up happy with an extra boost of energy. That’s what makes our day! A really good night’s sleep.

What Type of Bed Frame Works?

Here are the types of Frames that will work with the Serta iComfort Blue 100 Gentle Firm mattress

  • Solid Platform
  • Solid Foundation
  • Slatted Base
  • Adjustable Base

Price Table

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King
$659 $749 $919 $1,099 $1,599
120 Night Trial 120 Night Trial 120 Night Trial 120 Night Trial 120 Night Trial

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