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Tuft & Needle Review

You have seen the commercials and read their tag line mattress stores are greedy.  They run a nice advertising campaign and have competitively priced mattresses.  From time to time they adjust their pricing a bit and you will see my journey below when I purchased one.

Here I am on 5/31/17 deciding if I should review Tuft & Needle ahead of schedule, as I wasn’t planning on it for another few months.  I came upon some information saying that they are going to raise prices on 6/1/17.  They certainly aren’t hiding the fact, as right when I logged onto their site they have a green link to their blog about why they chose to raise prices.

So, I pulled the trigger.  Since I pay for every item I review, I figured I would save $150 by doing it today.  Here is Tuft & Needle’s new pricing chart from their blog.

Tuft & Needle Price Table Update 2018

Tuft & Needle has lowered their prices for 2018, here are the new prices

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King California King
$325 $375 $475 $575 $700 $700
$25 Off at Amazon $25 Off at Amazon $25 Off at Amazon $25 Off at Amazon $25 Off at Amazon $25 Off at Amazon
100 Day Trial 100 Day Trial 100 Day Trial 100 Day Trial 100 Day Trial 100 Day Trial

I was a little disappointed to find out that I had to pay sales taxes, since Tuft & Needle have a presence here in Arizona.  On the plus side, I’m willing to bet shipping only takes a few days.

When it arrives we will inform you of the shipping time, unbox it and do our testing and review process.  Stay tuned!

Update 5/31/17.  Shipping time looks like it’s going to be really fast I just got this email: “We’re really excited to let you know that your Queen Mattress from Tuft & Needle has been handed over to FedEx.”.

I thought that they may have had a big marketing push around the price increase that would have slowed down their production.  If they got it out the door to the FedEx guy in 3 hours I have a feeling that they had a few of these all boxed up and ready to go ahead of time.  On their Website FAQ they say that you need to open up the mattress in the first 2-3 weeks.  I’m really curious to know if it had been sitting around, as what would happen if I wasn’t available to unbox it right away and perhaps it had been in their warehouse for awhile.  I don’t know that it has, but 3 hours to turn it around just seems suspiciously fast.

Pricing Update 8/9/17

It looks like the pricing increases didn’t stick so they lowered their prices, although still higher than what they were in May.  A queen size has gone from $600 to $750 and now it is at $675.    You don’t typically see a price hike followed by a reduction, so I’m guessing that their customers didn’t approve of the increase.

Our Tuft & Needle arrived today

6/2/17, it took about 48 hours for them to get it to me since I’m so close to their facility in Arizona.

What’s inside the Box?

On the FAQ page I also found this excerpt about the foam that they use:
“The Tuft & Needle Mattress is a high-quality, high-performance foam mattress made in the USA. Our foam, called T&N Adaptive™ Foam, is completely unique to our brand because we actually invented it. It’s neither memory foam nor latex, but better. Our T&N Adaptive™ Foam combines pressure relief, support, and breathability, which no other kind of foam offers.”

First impression is that it is soft, I’ll fill you in after I get a chance to catch some ZZZss.

Update 8/15/17

I just got the following email promotion letter from Tuft & Needle about their new pillow.  What do you think should I buy one and test it?

Hey, there!

Last year, after our annual team dinner, team members from all over the country gathered for a company-wide meeting. We’d heard whispers of prototypes and seen mystery packages arrive, but only our product team knew exactly what was to come.

As Tyler walked toward the stage, a hush fell over the crowd. He pulled a sheet from a pyramid of stacked boxes, revealing a mint ampersand, and the word we’d all been hoping to see…

The Tuft & Needle Pillow was finally here. After 3 1/2 years, the T&N product line had doubled.

Well… the first version of our pillow was here, and ready to go home with our employees to get their initial impressions. After many rounds of feedback (and jealous partners at home), our pillow eventually debuted in local stores so our extended Tuft & Needle Family could give it a shot.

Many more months followed, listening to concerns and thoughts from our customers while continually refining the ideal soulmate for our mattress. A soft, plush pillow made from more of what our customers love about Tuft & Needle.

Now we’re finally ready to start shipping our pillow to the people who helped perfect it.

Like the mattress, the T&N Pillow comes with free shipping, a hassle-free warranty, and a 100-Night Sleep Trial, because we want you to try it in the comfort of your own home.

The Perfect Complement To Your Favorite Mattress Is Waiting For You…

Get your Tuft & Needle Pillow

Here are the ordering details:

Queen Mattress $600.00
X 1
Tax (7.95%)
We processed your order on May 31st, 2017 at 09:29am

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