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Tuck Mattress

Tuck offers a customizable mattress which comes in blended or dual comfort if you have a sleeping partner.  I have tried a similar mattress which offers the ability to do a dual comfort option (Helix).  I learned two things from that experience and I made sure that I didn’t make the same mistake again.

  1. Tuck doesn’t charge extra for the dual comfort option, whereas Helix charges an additional $150
  2. My husband and I picked such drastically different sides on the Helix that the middle of the bed was named “no man’s land”.  If one of us was in the middle of that dual comfort we would roll onto the soft side.  Long story short, this time I selected the blended version of the Tuck mattress.  Note: I intend on trying the Helix blended version as well, I just haven’t worked it into my testing schedule yet.

What’s inside your Tuck?

The size and shape of your Tuck are going to depend on the selections that you make when you order.  Imagine that there are a lot of different building blocks and depending on your selections they are going to configure your Tuck with.  Of these building blocks they are going to put them in different places on your mattress and with different thickness layers.  I’m expecting that the pocketed coils are going to be about 6″, I’ll need to measure the rest of the components when it gets here.  Here are some of the components that you are likely to find in a Tuck mattress.

– Copper Infused Gel Memory Foam

the inside of a tuck mattress

The top layer is a copper infused memory foam layer

– Continuous Process Latex (Dunlop)
– Micro Coils
– Pocketed Coil Support Core
– Polyfoam(s)

Here is my video review of the Tuck Mattress:

Ordering Process

Ok, here is the fun part!  You get to be part of the process as Tuck uses information about you, and your partner, to compose a mattress that is going to suit your needs.  Everyone is going to sleep differently and no mattress is going to fit everyone.  This approach is bound to help you find the right feel for you and your partner.

Here are the results of my order. I live in Arizona so I made sure to select the coldest possible configuration.

If you choose to go down the route of the dual comfort selection, please be warned that the middle of the bed will be a little strange.  If both sides are drastically different you and your partner aren’t going to be able to switch sides (unless you rotate the bed).  More importantly you will have issues using the middle of the bed.  Now there is nothing wrong with a drastically different bed on each side, but if you want to spend some “time together” your going to have to pick a side as the middle likely won’t be comfortable.

It’s going to ship from their warehouse in Tupelo, Mississippi.  I am planning on watching a football game in Oxford in 2018, and it’s about an hour west of Tupelo.  I’ll see if I can set up a factory tour while I’m there.  My husband is excited to see his alma matter and tour “the grove”.  I’m way more excited about the factory tour, just don’t let him know, ok?

I’m assuming that the weight can change based on the composition of the mattress that you build, it says that the King should be between 135 and 145 lbs.  I know I’m going to need help unboxing it as it will likely outweigh me.

It’s Here!

Ordered it on the 8th and it arrived on the 18th.  I think that the folks at Tuck watch my videos or do some other type of very minor stalking. They had some things going for them on the box that I always rave about.  Handles? Yep! Quirky sayings all over the box? Yep! Cutter for getting the mattress out of the wrapping? Yep!  A little rainbow pin?  Well, I didn’t expect that one.

Inside the box you will find a Sleep Trial, Review & Warranty Info card.  On the back of that card it tells you that they would like it if you send in a review to their website.  As a reward you may receive one of the following:

  1. Exotic Beef Jerky Gift Basket
  2. Tattoo your name on our calves
  3. Give you our founder’s firstborn

Who doesn’t like beef jerky?  Ok, vegans, but still I’m sure they could re-gift if they needed to.  A tattoo of Rana on the Tuck people, funny but I personally wouldn’t select that option.  I already have some kids running around so no matter how awesome the firstborn is, I would pass on that option as well.  Bring on the beef jerky!

Trial Period

Someone is going to need to let me in on the following joke.  Their FAQ says that the trial period is 145 days, 12 hours and 53 seconds.


I enjoyed the blended version of the Tuck mattress.  We made sure that when selecting the different factors that we compromised on a few qualities upfront.  As a fair warning, if you choose the dual comfort option make sure that you don’t select completely different sides, as you may find the middle uncomfortable.  This is specifically why we chose the blended version.  However, if you and your partner have minor differences in your sleep preferences then it would be fun to try the dual comfort option.


I’m a believer in copper and you can nerd out with me on a post I wrote about it.

The cover has a zipper, an interesting pattern, a funny tag Underneath the tuck mattress tagand is composed of recycled materials


I feel like they need to upgrade the material that covers the coils, as you can feel the coils when you rub your hand on the edges of the bed.  Of course, that’s not the kind of thing you do while sleeping, so it’s a minor issue.

Want to get your own personalized Tuck mattress?  Click the link in the last sentence.

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Rana on a Tuck Mattress
Tuck Mattress
Edge Support7
Motion Transfer9
Sleep Quality8
Stays Cool8.5
Made with recycled materials
Copper infused memory foam
The materials surrounding the coils could be better, some of the coils show through
You can feel the bottom layer of coils when you touch the side of the mattress
Final Thoughts
Tuck offers so many different features designed just for you.
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