Nest Big Kid’s Bed

As soon as my son sat on the BKB in the Nest Bedding Santa Monica showroom it was like him telling me what he wanted.

Ray on a nest bedding big kid's bed

So we went ahead and got him the Big Kid’s Bed of course!  Here he is explaining how he likes the bed.

Nest Bedding’s My Big Kid’s Bed

My son decided to use a new technique to open his bed in a box.  I hope you are able to use a similar method to crack yours open.

When I told my son it’s his bed and that I needed help opening and unboxing the mattress, he was so excited his imagination went wild he came up with this creative idea ” let’s do it the minecraft way Mom!”, Ray I have no idea what you’re talking about but yes, let’s do it. This video end result was very impressive, coming from an 8 Year Old.


A little bit about the Big Kid’s Bed from Nest Bedding who was the first company to bring to the market a mattress in a box solution for kids.



The BKB mattress is made in the USA (just like any other Nest Bedding product), with CertiPUR-US foams, no chemicals or anything toxic exclusively for kids and young people. They treat and care about our kids just like they would theirs.

The BKB comes compressed in a small box, it is 7″ tall and can be used on any base and even on bunk beds.

It is made of 2″ of breathable, supportive 2.8 density Energex Foam and 5″ 1.8 lb density Edge Support Base Foam



I can’t wait to see how my baby boy, oops, Big Kid will sleep on this mattress! After all, I’m his mom and I know exactly whether he slept good or not ~

Update on the Big Kid’s Bed – 8/04/2017

I am petite in size, so I am totally allowed to try my son’s bed, and so I did. He went for a sleep over one weekend and I thought this is my chance I have to test his bed and the result… A.MA.ZING, I WANT TO BE A KID AGAIN JUST SO I CAN HAVE A BIG KID’S BED TOO.  But hey never mind me I am a Mom and I know EXACTLY how my kids move, breathe or even think.  Bottom line I know my kids by heart so I am well aware how they have slept too and I have noticed how my son is waking up in the morning relaxed, comfortable and happy.  That’s what every parent is looking forward to when their little, sorry not so little BIG kids wake up to tackle the day especially that back to school is just around the corner.

So let’s get to it and share our sleeping experience with you. First of


THE COVER of the BKB is simple, it’s a kid’s mattress after all so no need to really pretty it up, it’s nice the way it is. Thanks to its blend of cotton and polyester and most importantly THE ABSENCE OF HARMFUL CHEMICALS the cover provides a soft, stretchy, and durable build.

Off to THE LAYERS : the Big Kid’s Bed, aka BKB, is made up from 2 separate foam layers and is 7″ high  in total.

Top Layer is designed to provide cooling as well as comfort to your Big Kids. The secret: 2″ of Energex foam.  Also found in the ActiveX mattress, the Energex foam has characteristics of both latex and memory foam. It also has excellent response, bounce, and cooling, still giving you that nice level of pressure relief.

5″ of base foam is what makes that BOTTOM LAYER or foundation so supportive. While watching your kid growing in size and gaining more weight, you will instantly notice how the top layer will hug him deeper into the base layer that instantly reacts as support to the body of the sleeper.

Now that my son has one of those, one thing I am worried about is that he might sleep in and miss the school bus.

Interested in a BKB?  Go to the Nest Bedding Website.

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