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Loom & Leaf Mattress

This is an offshoot of Saatva. Apparently they put a lot of work to pull up a durable mattress!

But we can’t tell or agree until we test it out, here’s what we are looking for once we do


  1. Quilted, organic cotton covering
  2. Cooling spinal gel
  3. Eco-friendly, 5lb premium foam
  4. Dual layer breathable support

Loom & Leaf wanted to create a masterpiece — combining the luxurious features of a cool, contouring 5 lb memory foam with the ultra-luxury feel of their proprietary, multi-layered foams finished in their organic cotton quilt covering.

With L&L you can opt for either their simply Firm level of comfort or their Relaxed Firm, so what’s the difference between these two levels?

Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm is their flagship comfort level — the “sweet spot” between not too hard and not too soft. For sleepers who like a just-right feel, or: If they prefer to sleep on their side, back or stomach or just switch sleeping positions often in the night.

Loom & Leaf Firm For sleepers who prefer a very firm feel, or: If they prefer to sleep on their back or stomach. Or simply if their health professional has recommended a firmer mattress.

Health benefits of the Loom & Leaf

  • Relief from joint pain

Their eco-friendly foam layers provide responsive support that relieves joint pain and gives the sleeper a plush, natural feel.

  • Improved circulation

    Their contouring foam reduces and/or eliminates pressure points, improving circulation.
  • Increased energy

    Cooling gel keeps you cool and comfortable, while the L&L foams even out weight distribution. This means sound, healthy sleep resulting more energy during the day.

  • Healthy spinal alignment

    L&L bed will therapeutically mold and contour to the sleeper’s body filling your natural gaps and arcs to create healthy spinal alignment

Does Loom & Leaf have what it takes to make them this “unique memory foam bed that isn’t your standard block of foam.” according to them? It’s next in line on the list of “Mattresses to test and review”, we will keep you posted.

Purchase your loom & leaf here.

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