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Keetsa Mattress (Pillow Plus)

We clicked on our referral link and entered in the promo code “KEETSA5POFFPILLOWPLUS” to purchase our first Keetsa Mattress on 3/22/17.   Here is the receipt.

The Keetsa Pillow Plus® – Queen (60″W x 80″L x 11″H) × 1 Queen (60″W x 80″L x 11″H) $ 786.45
Subtotal $ 747.13
Shipping $ 0.00
Total $ 747.13 USD
Visa (ending in 6148) $ 747.13

We were impressed with the shipping time for this mattress.  We purchased it on 3/22/17 and it showed up in the morning of 3/27/17.  It helps that we are less than 800 miles from their distribution center in the San Francisco bay area.  Here is the mattress unboxing, I love how it kind of pops into shape about halfway through.

See Rana’s Keetsa Review:

The Keetsa Pillow Plus is the second option of mattresses that they currently sell.  In ascending order of expense they offer the:

  1. Keetsa Plus
  2. Keetsa Pillow Plus
  3. Keetsa Cloud
  4. Tea Leaf Classic
  5. Tea Leaf Supreme
  6. Tea Leaf Dream

They have a wide variety of options at multiple price points.  A king sized Tea Leaf dream is going to be in the $2,000+ category while a Keetsa Plus king will be under $1,000.

The Pillow Plus is really sturdy you can tell when I sit on the side or push down on the corners that it has no problem supporting my weight.  The Independent coils (icoils) measure at 7.5″, almost 4 times that of the Helix Mattress we reviewed.  Above the icoils are 2.5″ of foam layers.  Then the top layer is about an inch of Bio foam which is memory foam mixed with some plant oil.  The cover is a quilted organic cotton.

The pillow top area is comfortable and the foundation is very sturdy.  It’s doesn’t have the squishy feel of some of the other hybrids as many of them are more focused on the foam layers than on the coil layers (Helix Mattress).  If you are looking for a sturdy hybrid this could very well fit your needs

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Keetsa Pillowplus
Keetsa Pillow Plus
Edge Support9
Motion Transfer4
Sleep Quality6
Stays Cool7
Reader Rating0 Votes0
Sturdy Hybrid
Give it a Try
An Improvement over my last 2 mattresses
Before I bought the Keetsa had had 2 straight disappointments from my local mattress store.
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