Eight Jupiter

Eight Sleep Jupiter is the medium level mattress in their celestial line


– Includes technology mattress cover

– Four foam layers

– 10 inches tall

– Medium firm


The Jupiter+ (from their Smart line)

Made of four layers of dynamic reactive foams plus their smart technology cover.
Also has the ability to measure your nightly sleep patterns, manage your bed temperature and integrate with your smart home.


The Jupiter+ is 10″ Tall, not too firm. Not too soft. A 6 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest.

Some feature that make the Eight different than the others:

Sleep tracking

Tracks over 15 factors about your sleep and health, including deep sleep, heart rate and respiratory rate. Yeah, no more sleep trackers, or syncing your phone to your bracelet to see how you slept through the night.

Want to know more about their sleep tracking system?  Check out this video:

Temperature control

Sleep cold? Warm your bed side. Sleep hot? Blast the bedroom AC while warming your partner’s side. Control and program it from your phone.

IoT and Wi-fi integrations

Connect your Eight mattress to your smart home, including Amazon Alexa, Nest, and Philips Hue. Let it turn off your lights when you doze off, or brew your coffee when you wake up.

Smart alarm

Eight detects when you are in light sleep and triggers the alarm when its easier for your body to wake up.

Supreme support and smart technology


All this and more makes me so eager to try the Eight Sleep, our journey with sleep tracking – whether through wearable technology or trying to set our phone tracker- that journey wasn’t too successful , having the ability to indulge in an exquisite line , so precise and futuristic such as The Eight is going to be ground breaking.

Under construction/waiting for the stars to align

Eight Sleep 10% off

The Eight Sleep Jupiter + is packaged with a discount at Costco and called the Eight Sleep Bliss.

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