Eight Jupiter

Ready to wake up in the future?

Eight Sleep JUPITER+ is the medium level mattress in their celestial line. And it is out of this world!

– Includes technology mattress cover

– Four foam layers

– 10 inches tall

– Medium firm

Here is my unboxing video and first impression.

The JUPITER+ (from their Smart line)

Made of four layers of dynamic reactive foams plus their smart technology cover.
Also has the ability to measure your nightly sleep patterns, manage your bed temperature and integrate with your smart home.

A PERFECT MEDIUM FIRM~ Makes it perfect for back sleepers.

The JUPITER+ is 10″ Tall, not too firm. Not too soft. A 7 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest.

The JUPITER+ Works on any foundation

Box spring



Slatted Base




Adjustable base



Some feature that make the Eight different than the others:

Sleep tracking

Tracks over 15 factors about your sleep and health, including deep sleep, heart rate and respiratory rate. Yeah, no more sleep trackers, or syncing your phone to your bracelet to see how you slept through the night.

Discover how you sleep

Wake up to a Sleep Report every morning. See nightly data and discover trends to improve your sleep.

What Eight tracks:

  • Time asleep
  • Bedtime
  • Wake up time
  • Toss and turns
  • Sleep breaks
  • Heart rate
  • Respiratory rate
  • Light and deep sleep
  • Bed temperature
  • Room temperature


The smart alarm wakes you in your lightest sleep cycle, when you’re naturally the most awake. The sensors in the cover detect the changes in your body movement, breathing, and heart rate, to know the best time to wake you up.

The alarm rings on your phone, with sounds designed to sooth you into an awake state.


Just recently Eight Sleep has launched a new app on iOS and Android!

The new app is a reflection of who they are as a brand, what they stand for, and the beginning of a new vision for the experience they want to provide.

They have introduced a new identity and layout that emphasizes what matters most: IMPROVING YOUR LIFE THROUGH GOOD SLEEP. 

Eight Sleep Smart App


The new dashboard is designed to simplify your nightly experience.

Start the smart alarm, use the quick action buttons to control features, and tap on the time graph to access details about your sleep.

Easy to use App

Swipe up, left, and right to navigate through the app. You can also use quick access buttons in the main dashboard to turn features on and off.

Get easier access to the most used features like Bed Warming, where each sleeper can set their own temperature.

Want to know more about their sleep tracking system?  Check out this video:

Temperature control

Sleep cold? Warm your bed side. Sleep hot? Blast the bedroom AC while warming your partner’s side. Control and program it from your phone.

IoT and Wi-fi integrations

Connect your Eight mattress to your smart home, including Amazon Alexa, Nest, and Philips Hue. Let it turn off your lights when you doze off, or brew your coffee when you wake up.

Smart alarm

Eight detects when you are in light sleep and triggers the alarm when its easier for your body to wake up.

Supreme support and smart technology


All this and more makes me so eager to try the Eight Sleep, our journey with sleep tracking – whether through wearable technology or trying to set our phone tracker- that journey wasn’t too successful , having the ability to indulge in an exquisite line , so precise and futuristic such as The Eight is going to be ground breaking.

Waiting for the stars to align.

Updated Review of the JUPITER+ Smart Mattress. Features and more:

Here are some reasons why the Jupiter+ is the perfect choice for couples, as well as BACK SLEEPERS.

1. Limited Motion Transfer
The Jupiter+ contains four layers of foam (plus one layer of technology). The third layer includes a supportive transition foam that is constructed in a way to minimize motion transfer. In other words, you won’t be disturbed by your partner as he or she switches sleep positions.

2. Dual-zone sleep tracking
Each side of the bed provides a sleep score every night. This is calculated through the sensors which detect heart rate, breathing rate, temperature of the room, temperature of the bed, tosses and turns, and more.

3. Dual-zone temperature control
A study by the University of Maryland School of Medicine found that women’s core temperatures were consistently higher, which means that they are more sensitive to colder temperatures (they are accustomed to being warm). With dual-zone temperature control on the Jupiter+, couples now have one less thing to argue about!

The Eight Sleep collection is so neat, you can easily make a Smart Gift out of a few products they carry. For example their Ultimate Pillow
Cost: Only $50 with coupon code SLEEPAFF25. Adjusting the Ultimate Pillow is easy: simply unzip the pillow cover to arrange the layers to your liking. You can stack and remove layers to adjust the pillow’s loft and firmness. The cushions can be added or removed to adjust the pillow’s height. The order in which you arrange the layers will affect the pillow’s firmness to provide the ultimate sleep experience.

And of course their one and only Sleep TrackerEight tracks your sleep, heart, and respiratory rates. And it coaches you to maximize your sleep. Therefore helping you improve your sleep.

The Eight Sleep Tracker is a sensor layer that fits over any mattress and instantly turns your bed into a smart bed. Review your sleep data, use the dual zone warming feature for an extra cozy bed, or connect to almost any Wi-Fi-enabled device in your house (including Alexa, Philips Hue Lights, Mr. Coffee, and more). Cost: $374 to $394 with coupon code SLEEPAFF25

The Eight Sleep Jupiter + is packaged with a discount at Costco and called the Eight Sleep Bliss. But before I wrap this review up let me share with you a quick comparison chart to help you visually when it comes down to deciding what to get from their Smart Mattresses.

Three different mattresses yet the same high technology: 

The Saturn+
The most affordable smart mattress
Starts at $699
or as low as $38.83 / mo.


Durable foam

10” tall, 3 layers

Medium-firm firmness

Includes Eight Sleep Technology

Saturn from Eight sleep

The Jupiter+
Supreme support with smart technology, Four layers of dynamic reactive foams for medium firmness. Includes their smart technology cover makes Jupiter their most popular mattress.
Starts at $999
or as low as $55.50 / mo.


Premium foam

10” tall, 4 layers

Medium firmness

Minimal movement transference

Includes Eight Sleep Technology

Jupiter+ smart mattress layers

And finally their Customer favorite The Mars+ Hybrid design with reactive comfort
Starts at $1,299
or as low as $72.16 / mo.


Premium foam layers with pocket-spring coils

11” tall, 4 layers

Medium-soft firmness

Maximum breathability

Cloud-like bounce

Includes Eight Sleep Technology

Saturn. Smart mattress

That being said, they do have ONE  MAJOR THING IN COMMON . All Eight Sleep mattresses have been designed for spine alignment and back support with a focus on reducing pain and providing perfect comfort.


100 night trial
Free shipping & returns
Delivered in a box

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Do you have an adjustable bed?

If so see how the Jupiter looks on my adjustable frame

Review Date
Reviewed Item
Jupiter + Smart Mattress
Author Rating
Eight Sleep jupiter mattress with sleep tracking
Eight Jupiter
Adjustable Frame8.5
Sleep Quality9
Stays Cool9
Great edge support
Perfect medium firm
Smart technology and ease of use
Connects to your smart devices
There's only 1 firmness level to the JUPITER+
Final Thoughts
The Eight Sleep + system is one of the best sleep tracker's out there. You can set your app to wake you up or heat your bed right before bedtime. The Jupiter offers a nice level of support at an attractive price. I strongly recommend it for back sleepers.
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