Casper Dream


The Casper Dream takes the best parts of the Casper Wave and marries them with the best parts of the Casper Essential.

The makers of this thought, “If the Casper Wave and the Casper Essential had a love child the Dream would be born.”  And so it was!  Find out how these sleep gurus utilized their combined 80 plus years of sleep experience to make the Dream!  This is by far the best mattress on the planet!

Here is the manufacturing video showing how the Casper Dream was made.

Here is my Review of the Casper Dream

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Want to know more about the lawsuit that Serta filed against Casper?

Ok, if you haven’t figured this out this is an entirely fake product that we assembled yesterday! I am not affiliated with Casper, and they didn’t give me permission to build my own Casper. I started this project as an experiment to see if I could build a better mattress than what I bought from Casper using just their products.

Introducing the Casper Dream
Casper Dream
Edge Support10
Motion Transfer10
Sleep Quality10
Stays Cool10
Only 1 in the world
A combined 80 plus years of sleep experience went in to the making of this mattress
Assembled in the USA
Made from parts that otherwise would have been recycled
$2,500 cost needs to come down with more sales volume
Prototype comes with two missing chunks of foam (how the casper essential shipped...)
Final Thoughts
Who knew that the designers could top the other 3 casper mattresses? This puts the traditional casper, the essential and the wave to shame.
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