Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding has a wide variety of products that are made in the USA out of their Phoenix Factory.  I have had the amazing experience of touring the Brooklyn Bedding Factory to see where the magic happens.  Check out this photo.

Rana at Brooklyn Bedding Factory in Phoenix, AZSeriously, look at how tiny I am!  When they designed the factory a couple of years ago they put their corporate offices upstairs and you can see the entire factory floor from this angle.  It’s quite a sight. You can see that if you stack their boxes just right you get a really cool design.  The volume of mattress that they manufacture becomes clear when you get to the finished product section of the plant.Rana at the Brooklyn Bedding Showroom in Phoenix Arizona

On the right of the picture below (not pictured) is where the trucks show up to load up the mattresses.  As you can see the Brooklyn Bedding factory produces other brands of mattresses.  In the background on the right you can see a couple of Layla’s and some Nest Bedding Mattresses.  I was given information on how many mattresses they can produce in a day, but I’m not sure if that’s a trade secret, so I’m just going to keep my mouth shut and let this photo do the talking for me.

Brooklyn bedding beds in boxes along with layla and nest bedding

So many beds, in such an organized fashion

So why did I take all of the time to show you that Brooklyn Bedding manufactures their mattresses?  Well it’s the Economics of this that I wanted to highlight.  Brooklyn Bedding sells online and has some in store retail locations.  The focus of the company is online as they have the ability to deliver a superior product at a lower price point by making and selling direct to the consumers.  They basically have the ability to not have to pay rent, utilities, maintenance, and employee costs at the retail level.  In addition, they don’t need to pay sales commissions or middleman markups, or fees to another company to make their mattresses for them.  The result is that the consumer will be able to get a high quality mattress at a lower price than many of their competitors could offer.  Seriously, check out their pricing and you will see what I mean, a queen size is $750, and they run promotions between $50-100 off throughout the year.  There is a link at the bottom of this post if you are interested in seeing what their latest promotion is.

I don’t remember taking a picture of it but I recall seeing a sign somewhere that said something along the lines of making America sleep great again.  Although I haven’t highlighted it, their mattresses are proudly made in the USA.

Marketing Genius

Someone in their marketing department needs to get a raise for being the first one to claim the hashtags:

Here is a photo of the Aurora sitting on the BME

brooklyn bedding aurora on top of #bestmattressever

Notice they both have handles

I have tried a Brooklyn bedding shredded pillow and it didn’t work for me, I wouldn’t say I hated it, it just didn’t fit my sleep style.  While I was on the tour I got to test the actual pillow that fits the hashtag.  It’s an aerated latex pillow and (I need to verify this but it felt like Talalay latex and not dunlop latex) at $40 it’s an absolute steal.  So not only did they get a perfect hashtag, but they put it on an amazing pillow.

I’ll have to confirm one other thing: they had another pillow out and it was by far the most fun pillow I have played with, I took some photos, but I’m not sure if they want those out before they release the pillow.  So, let’s just pretend I don’t have any photos ok?  The real question is which pillow is going to keep the hashtag, #bestpillowever?

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Want to see how the Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses compare with other mattresses that I have sleep tested?  Drag and drop the ones you want to compare below:

PhotoCompanyMattressTypeFeaturesHeightSleep Test RatingQueen PriceCoupon CodeCurrent DiscountPurchase




  • Leesa MattressLeesa Mattress
  • Nectar MattressNectar Mattress
  • Layla Sleep MattressLayla Sleep Mattress
  • Alexander Signature SeriesAlexander Signature Series
  • Alexander Signature HybridAlexander Signature Hybrid
  • Purple MattressPurple Mattress
  • Traditional CasperTraditional Casper
  • Tuft & NeedleTuft & Needle
  • Casper WaveCasper Wave
  • Casper EssentialCasper Essential
  • #Bestmattressever#Bestmattressever
  • Tomorrow Sleep HybridTomorrow Sleep Hybrid
  • Sapira by LeesaSapira by Leesa
  • Aurora HybridAurora Hybrid
  • TuloTulo
  • DreamCloudDreamCloud
Leesa MattressFoam100 Day Trial, Made in the USA, Removeable Cover104.7 Star Rating$995None Required$130Shop LeesaNectar MattressFoam365 Night Trial, Free shipping, Comes in a large bag114.6 Star Rating$795None Required$125 & 2 Free PillowsShop NectarLayla Sleep MattressFoam120 Night Trial, Copper Infused, Flippable10.54.6 Star Rating$899None Required$100 OffShop LaylaAlexander Signature SeriesFoamLifetime Comfort Guarantee, Made in the USA, Handles12.54.6 Star Rating$1,199nonbiased200$200 OffShop Nest Bedding Alexander Signature SeriesAlexander Signature HybridHybrid Foam & CoilsLifetime Comfort Guarantee, Made in the USA, Handles144.5 Star Rating$1,199nonbiased200$200 OffShop Nest Bedding Alexander Signature HybridPurple MattressFoam & Polymer Section for Egg Catching100 Day Trial, Made in the USA, Removeable Cover104.8 Star Rating$999None RequiredFree Seat CushionShop Purple MattressTraditional CasperFoam100 Night Trial, Free Shipping104.3 Star Rating$950None RequiredVariesShop CasperTuft & NeedleFoam100 Night Trial, Free Shipping104 Star Rating$575None RequiredBest PriceShop Tuft & NeedleCasper WaveFoam100 Night Trial, Removeable cover, Free Shipping11.53.3 Star Rating$1,850None RequiredBest PriceGet a CasperCasper EssentialFoam100 Night Trial, Removeable Cover, Free Shipping8.53.9 Star Rating$600None RequiredBest PriceGo to Casper#BestmattresseverFoam120 Night Trial, titanium gel, made in the USA104.6 Star Rating$750nonbiased1010% Off & Free Pillows and SheetsShop Brooklyn Bedding Best Mattress EverTomorrow Sleep HybridHybrid Foam & Coils100 Day Trial, Backed by Serta, add a sleeptracker104.7 Star Rating$990nonbiased125$125 OffShop Tomorrow SleepSapira by LeesaHybrid Foam & Coils100 Night Trial, Made in the USA, 1 in 10 Program114.7 Star Rating$1,495None Required$200 OffShop Sapira by LeesaAurora HybridHybrid Foam & Coils120 Night Trial, titanium gel, made in the USA13.54.5 Star Rating$1,699nonbiased1010% Off & Free Pillows and SheetsShop Brooklyn BeddingTuloFoamTry it at Mattress Firm, 120 night trial, free shipping, free returns104.4 Star Rating$650None Required20% OffShop TuloDreamCloudHybrid Foam & Coils365 Night Trial, free cleaning, everlong warranty,154.8 Star Rating$1,599None Required$200 OffShop DreamCloud

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