I just ordered an Aloha Sleep mattress today

I used the coupon code “alohalife”,for $50 off and two free pillows.  It launched in the Nectar/Tuft & Needle/Layla price range.  It’s made in the USA and you would think it would ship quite a bit faster than a Nectar would.  I’ll let you know when it arrives.

Update 5/26/17

The Aloha Sleep Mattress is in my house!  Three days from ordering to delivery!  That’s a month and 5 days faster than the Nectar Mattress I ordered in February of 2017.  Now to be fair, the Aloha Mattress is made in the USA, whereas, the Nectar Mattress is from China.  In addition, I live in Scottsdale Arizona so we are like a 30 minute drive from The Aloha Factory here in Arizona.  So we didn’t put as much of a workload on the guys over at FedEx.

Aloha Mattress First Impressions

Huge fan of this mattress after only one night.  I know, it’s only been a night.  Don’t worry I’ll do another video in a few weeks with more details, as I need to kick the tires on this one before I publish my ratings.

It’s in the medium firm category, yet you get a little bit of sinking in so I thought it was great for side sleeping (my preference).  I felt like the firmness would have also been just right for back sleepers.

It’s hard to be disappointed by something free, but the free pillows didn’t really do it for me.  They were a bit too soft for my liking, of course if your preference is for soft pillows they may be right for you.

3 Week Update 6/16/17

After testing it for three weeks here are my thoughts:

I’m still not 100% sure which pillow you will get with the coupon code, my guess is that it will be the grey king sized pillows that came with my mattress.  However, if you have the chance to substitute for the aloha breeze pillows, that would be a huge upgrade.

Overall, I am pleased with this mattress it comes at a nice price which is below the Layla, Casper, Leesa, and it is just below the Tuft & Needle (if you use the coupon to the right).  The standard price is $4 more than the Nectar, but the shipping time is likely going to be a MONTH faster than the Chinese made Nectar .

We are going to unbox a Tuft & Needle next so we will shoot some comparison videos in the next couple of weeks.

Here is a look inside the Mattress

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a zipper so we had to remove a few stitches to get these photos for you.

Inside the Aloha Sleep Mattress you will find a 7" Base Layer, 2 2" memory foam layers

7″ Base Layer, 2 2″ memory foam layers

What’s inside & Warranty Information

They are using certified non-toxic materials and something they are calling Aloha Cooling Fabric, and cool sleeping gel foam layers.  They offer a 500 night trial and they have a pretty robust warranty policy posted on their website, as follows:

We guarantee that the Aloha Sleep mattress will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the Aloha Sleep mattress. The lifetime of the mattress is defined as 10 years. After the 10 year warranty period, if your Aloha Sleep mattress has a defect, you may replace the bed for half off a new Aloha Sleep mattress for YOUR lifetime, one time.

They are a new company so it will take awhile before that second part of their guarantee needs to kick in.  Now, it got me thinking about whether a company needs to set aside money for replacements/discounts to account for that kind of a guarantee.

Many companies will set up deferred extended warranties so that they don’t recognize all of the revenue upfront.  GAAP rules allow you to estimate the percentage of the company’s products which would likely go bad over the course of the warranty period.  My guess is that they don’t expect too many defects to be found so they probably get to account for a large portion of the sale at the time of the sale.

Similar to the Purple ordering process, you get a notification through Facebook messenger and emails.  It is going to ship via FedEx right to your doorstep.

The Aloha Sleep Mattress – King + 2 Free Pillows

Quantity: 1 Total: $899.00

Discount (code: ALOHALIFE): $-50.00 Subtotal: $849.00 Shipping: $0.00 Total: $849.00

Update 9/1/17: Due to customer feedback and our personal experiences as purchasers of Nest Bedding products, we are lowering our value score on all Nest Bedding products as we are not confident that their return policies are in line with their competitors.

Purchase your Aloha Mattress here

Don’t forget to add the code Alohalife for $50 off!

Aloha sleep made my top 10 mattresses under $1,000 video!

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Rana on an Aloha Mattress with a free aloha pillow from brooklyn beds
Aloha Sleep
Edge Support8.5
Motion Transfer8.5
Sleep Quality8.5
Stays Cool9
Nice Value
Sleeps Cool
Nice Cover Design
New Company/Poor Communication
No Zipper
Great Value for a Cool Mattress
Designed to compete with more popular mattresses like Tuft & Needle. It is one of the better mattresses at this price, but they don't really market it well, it's a hidden gem.
$50 Off
Non Biased Reviews
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