Nectar Mattress Review

NECTAR Mattress

Nectar Sleep is my top budget pick. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

To celebrate, Nectar gave away a  grand prize FREE NECTAR MATTRESS to Anglea Meek, the winner of our August contest.

I’m happy to report that our winner, Angela, received her Nectar in a week and 2 days.  When I purchased mine Nectar was having shipping delays back in March and April, those have clearly been solved.


What Type of Bed Frame Works for this Mattress?

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Price Table

The $125 coupon below comes with 2 free pillows.

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King California King
$500 $550 $700 $795 $900 $900
$125 Off $125 Off $125 Off $125 Off $125 Off $125 Off
365 Day Trial 365 Day Trial 365 Day Trial 365 Day Trial 365 Day Trial 365 Day Trial

So What’s in the BOX?

To our complete surprise, it’s not a mattress, just the pillows that they sent.  I guess we could review their pillows instead…

When Nectar first launched they didn’t have their own pillows yet.  They have added their branded pillows and a foundation to their product line up.  They still have a few things to do to become a true one stop shopping experience.  I am willing to bet that they will add more products as they continue their growth.  I think the market is ripe for a Nectar Adjustable frame, with a nice massage feature and all the latest tech gadgets.  Now I may be dreaming, or I may be on to something, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Initial Impressions:

It’s hard to pretend not to notice the slow delivery time, but once it was opened and aired out we were very pleased, especially that the scent was barely noticeable, it was mild and before you know it, it was gone. Of the five mattresses that we have in the house currently this is the one that we are going to sleep on for the next several weeks or maybe more because here’s the best part, you can try it for a whole year YES 365 night trial. It’s one of the best trial offers you can ever get.

Now that we have tried the Nectar Mattress for over 2 weeks, let’s talk about what makes this 11″ all-foam mattress.

Construction from bottom to top

Besides providing basic and deep compression support to the sleeper, the bottom layer with its 7″ of high density foam plays a fundamental role as main base for the whole mattress resulting support and foundation.

The middle layer and its 3″ adaptive hi core memory foam  not only adds up even more support, it shapes up the mattress by contouring it. It’s also known as the transition layer, providing both support and bounce at the same time.

Which leaves us the top layer, an inch of mainly gel memory foam providing air circulation while distributing weight evenly and contouring to your body delivering great pressure relief.

We do not want to forget about a very important ingredient, the top cover.

Thanks to its Tencel fiber material. We will talk about the top cover more in a second, just wanted to tell you real quick what Tencel is. Tencel is a sustainable fabric, regenerated from the eucalyptus tree (I know this because I use Eucalyptus essential oil in my diffuser), making it the most echo friendly regenerated fabric. Now back to our top cover.

This cover will deliver you air circulation, which will result to softer, cooler and more breathable feel. It’s also bedbug resistant!! Hi Five all around.

 Nectar Mattress Review

Here is a coupon for $125 off a NECTAR Mattress 

The code above also comes with 2 of the new Nectar pillows for free!  Plus I’ll personally send you a $25 gift card if you purchase a Nectar and use my coupon code.

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Ordering Details

We purchased the Nectar Sleep mattress on 2/27/17.  We clicked on our referral link, below, to make sure that it got us to the right place and gave us the same $100 discount that our viewers would get.  Fortunately, both worked so now we just need to wait for it to arrive at our door.  I received an email saying that it was scheduled to be shipped on 3/17/17, little did we know it would arrive much later than that.

We sincerely apologize for the delays and appreciate your patience.

Your NECTAR has finished production, and is now on the way to our distribution center for final quality review and shipping. Your NECTAR mattress will ship to you on March 29th.

So in our case it looks like we need to wait over a month to test this…

Thank you for your order (#10541) from NECTAR.

The Nectar Mattress (King) $900
Two NECTAR Memory Foam Pillows – FREE $0
Shipping (United States – Flat Rate) $0
Taxes $0
Coupon -$100
Total: $800
Total paid: $800

So it has been a month and 4 days and it finally arrived!  All packed into a cute little 15″X18″X10″ box.  Surely a king size mattress can be compressed that small, I mean they had over a month to do it so I’m sure that’s what we will find in the little box.

Let me tell you, it was worth the wait!

Update 6/11/17

We get so many questions here and on youtube about how long shipping takes.  It took well over a month for me to receive mine, and the questions I get center around people experiencing similar delays.  We have been clear since day one that it took a really long time to receive our Nectar.  So I went to the Nectar site to see if they have tampered down expectations, or if people really expect that they will get theirs in a week.  I pulled this off of their website FAQ section:

When can I expect to receive my NECTAR?

Allow 1-5 days for arrival.  If we are backed-up with orders…

So they kind of leave themselves an out here.  Just assume that they are still currently “backed-up” on orders.


Unboxing Video

The bag is a bit hard to maneuver when compared to a box.  At first we thought we may be able to re-purpose the bag later, but we needed to rip it open to get to the mattress.  Then there is a zipper cover around the mattress that also needed to be cut.  Oh well so we didn’t get any extra bag, but there was a nice and handy opener.

Unboxing Pictures

Before that we were talking about how we always have two pillows, but these are large enough that you only need one.  We are hoping that when the mattress arrives we will be as pleasantly surprised!


 In transit
It is expected to arrive this Friday!
So it’s here!  One month and 8 days after we ordered it.  Normally, I would be a bit upset (and I’m willing to bet it comes off that way), but I’m actually quite excited to unwrap it and catch some zzzs.  I enjoyed the pillows that came 4 days before the mattress, so I’m really expecting good things.
Nectar Mattress in a bag

Let me out of this bag!

It’s really a shame that they have had so many shipping issues in 2017, as it really is a nice mattress.  Many companies go through growing pains, but the folks at Nectar just didn’t realize how good of a product that they had when they launched it.  It is still competitively priced and it ships much faster than it did when I bought mine in February of 2017.  I have since downsized to a queen size, so I had to send my king size Nectar off to a local shelter.  I think I’ll get a queen sized one in the next couple of months to see how it does on my adjustable frame.  So, be sure to check back to see that video.
Also Nectar changed their logo recently, here is their new logo vs their old one.

New Nectar Sleep logo

New Nectar Logo

Nectar Mattress Logo

Old Nectar Logo

Mattress Comparison Tool

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nectar mattress from the site
Nectar Sleep Mattress
Edge Support9.5
Motion Transfer9.5
Sleep Quality10
Stays Cool8
Sturdy Mattress
Exceptional Value
Amazing Value (Best budget mattress available)
Long shipping delays (solved, they increased production)
Poor customer service (improved, as any good company they learned from their mistakes)
Exceptional Value
If they can improve their shipping and customer service they would be a highly recommended company, as they make a great mattress.
$125 off Nectar Sleep
Non Biased Reviews
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