We got to sleep test the Nolah Evolution 15 – Nolah’s brand new, and first hybrid, mattress, hitting the stores today!! It is there just on time for the Holidays and coming out with an amazing discount. If you are a side-sleeper, a hot sleeper, a back sleeper, or any combination of the above, this mattress is made for you!

NEW SINCE APRIL 2021 – Now choose from 3 firmness levels for the ultimate fit to YOUR sleep!

Did you know the Nolah Evolution 15 earned our Best Mattress 2021 award?

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35% OFF + $50 OFF + FREE Pillows
Nolah Evolution 15 Review
Nolah Evolution 15
35% OFF site wide + 2 FREE pillows with mattress purchase. Add another $50 OFF your $800+ Nolah purchase with our exclusive coupon code (click to...Show More
35% OFF site wide + 2 FREE pillows with mattress purchase. Add another $50 OFF your $800+ Nolah purchase with our exclusive coupon code (click to reveal) Show Less

Nolah Company Policies

  • Free shipping and returns
  • 120-night trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 100% made in the USA
Nolah Evolution 15 Hybrid mattress review
Nolah AirFoam ice in Nolah Evolution 15

What's Inside The Nolah Evolution 15"

In a nutshell:

  • 2″ cooling ArcticTex™ quilted euro top
  • 2″ graphite-infused AirFoamICE™
  • 2″ high-resilience foam
  • 8″ tri-zoned pocketed support coils
  • 1″ high-density foam
  • Choose your firmness level

In more detail...

2″ cooling ArcticTex™ quilted euro top

The Nolah Evolution quilted euro top is pretty incredible. It is made of ArcticTex™, an innovative fiber invented by Nolah, that channels the body heat away from its sleeper by conducting it down and outwards, without any of the harsh chemicals. All around that top layer is an AirBreath™ Heat Escape Gusset, which is highly breathable and dissipates body heat out of the mattress.

2″ Graphite-Infused AirFoamICE™

The second layer is 2 inches of the AirFoam we’ve come to love in all Nolah mattresses. In the Nolah Evolution 15, it is infused with graphite to accelerate the cooling properties of Nolah’s proprietary foam. AirFoam is known for excellent pressure relief, especially for side-sleepers.

2″ High-Resilience Foam

The high-resilience foam in the Nolah Evolution is a transition layer with high responsiveness. It transitions your body onto the firmer coils, while keeping the upper layers of foam responsive, so you never feel stuck in the mattress. 

8″ Tri-Zoned Support Coils

Here come the coils that make this Nolah a hybrid mattress. Nolah goes above and beyond with this mattress – they don’t just add 8 inches of coils – their coils are patented, tri-zoned for increased pressure relief, and wrapped in Nolah’s proprietary Edge-Tech support foam to strengthen the edge support.

1″ High-Density Foam

The bottom layer in the Nolah Evolution provides support for the coils to compress into and adds life to the mattress. 

Choose Your Firmness Level

The Nolah Evolution 15 has been so successful since its launch, that Nolah just started a firmness option for its best-selling mattress. Choose from Plush, Luxury Firm (the original Evolution), or Firm. 

Nolah Evolution review

Nolah Evolution 15" Sleep Tests

Everything we felt in one box

Firmness Temperature Maintenance Sleeping Style Bed Base
The Nolah Evolution 15 lets you choose your favorite firmness level. The original Evolution is the Luxury Firm option. It is right in the middle of the firmness scale (a 6 out of 10, or average firmness). Neither soft, nor hard, it is perfectly comfortable and can work really well for couples with different sleeping styles and firmness preferences. The top 4 inches of foam provide soft contouring and are reinforced with 2 inches of high-resilience foam that prevent the feeling of being stuck, and further down by the 8 inches of coils that bring strong core support to the body. The Plush option offers more contouring and extra pressure relief to the shoulder and hip areas (about a 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale). It is softer than the Luxury Firm. The Firm option is the firmest of the three and feels quite firm (maybe an 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale). Great if you enjoy the feeling of floating on top of your mattress.
The Nolah Evolution sleeps incredibly cool. Its layers of foam are engineered to maintain a cool temperature. Their purpose is to wick away the heat emitted by your body and to channel it down into its foam and outward through the AirBreath™ Heat Escape Gusset. We felt cool throughout the night and at no point did it feel like heat was trapped underneath or around our bodies.
The cover of the Nolah Evolution 15" mattress cannot be washed. You can spot clean the mattress with mild detergent, clear water, and a cloth. Try blotting the stain, instead of rubbing it.
The Nolah Evolution in Luxury Firm is a little piece of luxury for side sleepers. If this is you, you will get deep pressure relief in the hip and shoulder areas from the AirFoam™, as well as some extra relief from the tri-zoned coils, that are designed to adapt to the shape of your body. The back sleepers preferring a softer mattress, will also find comfort in the Nolah Evolution 15. The slight sink in the waist area will be comfortable, unless you are above 220 lbs, in which case a firmer mattress (Nolah Signature or the Firm option on the Evolution) might work better. The Nolah Evolution Luxury Firm is too soft for stomach sleepers, who should purchase the Firm model. or look into the Nolah Signature's Firm side. Side-sleepers, who sleep on their sides exclusively, will love the Plush firmness option, which will be too soft for back and stomach sleepers. While stomach-sleepers and heavier back-sleepers will prefer the Firm firmness option for a more supportive sleeping surface.
The Nolah Evolution hybrid mattress can be laid on any flat surface: flat platform beds, slatted beds, boxsprings or foundation, adjustable beds, or even the ground.

Soft —————- Firm

Hot —————- Cool

Non-Washable – Washable


Nolah Evolution 15" Prices & Discounts

35% OFF + $50 OFF + FREE Pillows
Nolah Evolution 15 Review
Nolah Evolution 15
35% OFF site wide + 2 FREE pillows with mattress purchase. Add another $50 OFF your $800+ Nolah purchase with our exclusive coupon code (click to...Show More
35% OFF site wide + 2 FREE pillows with mattress purchase. Add another $50 OFF your $800+ Nolah purchase with our exclusive coupon code (click to reveal) Show Less

Nolah has outdone itself with the Evolution Hybrid mattress. They have come up with a truly luxurious foam / coil combo at a very fair price for the quality.

I love that they have firmness option, which makes this award-winning mattress even more attractive to more sleepers. Whether you choose to purchase the Plush, Luxury Firm, or Firm option, the price is the same, giving everyone a chance to truly customize their sleeping experience!

Make sure to click “SHOW CODE” above to claim the deepest discounts and an exclusive coupon for an extra $50 OFF your order $800+!

Price List updated: November 2023 – PRE-DISCOUNTED PRICES (use our exclusive code for $50 OFF of any sale currently available)


  • 38"W x 75"L

Twin XL

  • 38"W x 80"L


  • 54"W x 75"L


  • 76"W x 80"L

Cal King

  • 72"W x 84"L

Detailed Nolah Evolution 15" Review Conclusion

Nolah is knocking it out of the park with their latest mattress, and first hybrid – the Nolah Evolution 15. 

It is 15 inches of engineered cool sleep and deep pressure relief. With 4 patented materials, it is the perfect sleeping partner for the side sleepers who sleep hot at night. It provides hip and shoulder relief through its 6 top inches of foam and tri-zoned coils. 

The Nolah Evolution comes with a choice for firmness, making it attractive to all sleepers. The Luxury Firm firmness, which is the original Nolah Evolution firmness, is an excellent option for couples with different sleeping styles, combo sleepers who end up on their backs and heavier folks, thanks to its extra edge support that prevents sagging and makes getting in and out of bed easy by sitting on the side of the mattress.

The Plush option will please exclusively side-sleeping people, while the Firm option is great for stomach-sleepers, as well as back-sleepers who enjoy a firmer sleeping experience. 

Why don’t we look at how all of the pieces come together in the Nolah Evolution 15″ and what that means for your rest and sleeping experience.

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Who Is Nolah?

Nolah calls itself a “sleep technology company.” It is an online bed-in-a-box company that launched in 2015. All of their products are designed in Denver, CO, and made in the USA. Yet, they are able to keep their prices down and pass on their savings to their consumers – you!

Nolah’s aim is to create tomorrow’s mattress. After realizing that latex was invented in the 1920’s and that the memory foam we still use in mattresses today, had not evolved since the 1970’s, they decided to design superior mattresses by leveraging the latest technologies. 

AirFoam™ was born. The Nolah AirFoam™ is 100% temperature neutral, as it does not contain viscoelastic chemicals commonly found in memory foam. It sleeps so cool that it does not require the use of cooling gels in its layers, and has been scientifically-proven to be more durable and provide more pressure relief than its older sister, the memory foam. You will find AirFoam™ in the Nolah Original, Signature, and Evolution.

In August 2021, Nolah came out with its first natural Talalay Latex mattress and added a kid Latex mattress as well – the Nolah Nurture 10 – which is flippable to grow with the child!! The Nolah Natural uses 11 inches of natural, organic, and recycled materials to protect your body and our planet.

Lastly, Nolah cuts the middle man and truly passes on the savings to its buyers, with all Nolah Original 10″ mattresses well below $1,000 after discount and Signature 12″ mattresses in the low to mid-$1,000 range in larger sizes, it has come out with a luxury hybrid mattress – the Evolution – in November 2020, priced in the mid-$1,000 range after discounts, and the natural Latex Nolah Natural in August 2021, priced a little lower.  

What Is Inside The Nolah Evolution 15"?

The  Nolah Evolution is made of 5 layers and uses 4 patented materials – all engineered to work with one another and keep you cool at night, while deeply releasing those pressure points and leaving you rested and rejuvenated after your night of sleep. So what’s truly hiding inside the Nolah Evolution? 

The mattress cover is made of a proprietary fiber with high thermal conductivity. The 2 inches of ArcticTex™ draws the excess heat emitted by your resting body and distributes it down and outward to create a cool and comfortable sleep. 

That top layer provides a soft sleeping surface, reminiscent of the luxury hotel pillow tops. It is quilted, and I personally think that the grey tones give it a luxurious and modern feel. Its perimeter is covered with a 2″ AirBreath™ Heat Escape Gusset, which further helps the heat exit the top layer of the Nolah Evolution.

Below that, come 2 inches of Nolah’s very own, and improved, AirFoam™, customizable to your mattress firmness preference! In the Nolah Evolution, the Nolah AirFoam™ is infused with graphite, the material responsible for accelerating the AirFoam™’s cooling properties. The AirFoam™ in the Luxury Firm firmness option is also known for its deep pressure-relief properties, amazing for side sleepers who need that extra gentle sink around the hips and shoulders. Those 2 inches provide mild and comfortable contouring and are supported by the third layer of foam. 

Should you be looking for a softer mattress, the Plush option will provide extra body contouring and deeper pressure relief to your hip and shoulder areas. 

The AirFoam™ in the Nolah Evolution 15 can also be ordered as Firm, which provides stomach-sleepers and some back-sleepers, with a firmer, more supportive sleeping surface.  If you prefer the sensation of floating on top of your mattress, rather than sinking in, the Firm option will be your best friend. No worries, there is still just the right amount of hugging in the right places for a comfortable, and pain-free, night of sleep!

The 2 inches of high-resilience foam below, bring a highly responsive transition layer to prevent the body from feeling stuck in the upper foam layers. It also gently eases the sleeper into the coil layer. 

Those coils are 8 inches deep and divided into 3 zones to intensify the pressure relief. They allow air to flow through the mattress, cooling the upper foam layers, while nearly canceling all motion transfer. 

Lastly, the bottom-most layer is 1 inch of high-density foam that give a gentle base for the coils to compress into, while adding life to the Nolah Evolution.

How Does The Nolah Evolution 15" Sleep?


The Nolah Evolution mattress sleeps in the middle of the firmness range. We are ranking it between a 5 and 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. For a firmer option, look into the Nolah Signature‘s Firm side. The Nolah Signature’s Soft side and the Nolah Original 10″ will be softer options. 

Sleeping Style

I love that, since April 2021, Nolah has started a firmness option for its best-selling mattress. When you order your Nolah Evolution, you can now choose between three firmness levels: Plush, Luxury Firm (the original mattress, as seen in the video above), and Firm.

I highly recommend the Nolah Evolution Hybrid mattress, in Luxury Firm, to side sleepers. It provides wonderful pressure relief in the areas important to side sleepers – hips and shoulders. The spinal alignment is respected by the strong and zoned support provided by the coils. 

Back sleepers and combo sleepers will also find a great option in the Nolah Evolution Luxury Firm. On the softer side for that group of sleepers, they are still getting excellent support from the responsive high-resilience foam and the 8 inches of coils.

If you are an exclusively side-sleeping person, opt for the Plush option. It provides a significantly softer sleeping experience, which most side-sleepers would enjoy. Rated about a 5 out 10 on the firmness scale, expect lots of body contouring and extra pressure relief in the hip and shoulder areas. If you are a side-sleeper who enjoys a little more support – stick with the Luxury Firm. 

For the stomach-sleepers, or some back-sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress, I am so glad that the Firm option has hit the market. That firmness option is designed to give you a floating feeling. Sleep on top of your Nolah Evolution with minimal body contouring. If you are not a huge fan of sinking in, this is the perfect option for you. You will be getting all of the support with just the right amount of hugging in the places!


The Nolah Evolution 15 does not require the use of any cooling gel, plugged-in mechanism, or harsh chemicals, to provide a consistent night of cool sleep.

The original Nolah AirFoam™ is infused with graphite to enhance its cooling properties. The euro top cover uses a proprietary fiber that further and more efficiently conducts the heat away from the body, and the coils allow cool air to flow through the mattress and up to the upper foam. 

You can expect the Nolah Evolution to sleep cool throughout the night, even in hot climates. 

Motion Transfer

The Nolah Evolution reacted incredibly well to motion transfer. I do not expect a partner to wake you up at night from his/her movements. The foams and coils did a great job at isolating the motion. 

How Do I Care For The Nolah Evolution 15" Mattress?

The cover of the Nolah Evolution is not removable and cannot be thrown in the washing machine. The best way to tend to a stain is to use water, a mild detergent, and blot the stain with a cloth. Do not rub the stain as you’d risk making it larger. A gentle blot on fresh stains should help you clean them up. 

How Does The Nolah's Return Policy Work?

While some might criticize Nolah’s return policy, I think it is a smart one. Getting used to a new mattress can take some time, especially if you switch to foam from a previous pillow-top for example. 

Nolah has a 120-night at-home sleep trial. In other words, it allows free returns within 120 days if you are unhappy with your Nolah Evolution mattress. But returns aren’t allowed until after you have passed a 30-night testing period. Nolah asks that you give their mattress a full night of sleep before returning it, and I agree that it could take a couple of weeks for your body to adapt to a new sleeping shape. 

If, after 30 days, you are still unhappy or uncomfortable with your Nolah mattress, you have until 120 days to return it, free of charge, no questions asked. 

35% OFF + $50 OFF + FREE Pillows
Nolah Evolution 15 Review
Nolah Evolution 15
35% OFF site wide + 2 FREE pillows with mattress purchase. Add another $50 OFF your $800+ Nolah purchase with our exclusive coupon code (click to...Show More
35% OFF site wide + 2 FREE pillows with mattress purchase. Add another $50 OFF your $800+ Nolah purchase with our exclusive coupon code (click to reveal) Show Less
  • Cool sleep throughout the night and seasons
  • Luxurious modern-looking design
  • Incredibly priced for the quality
  • 2 inches of responsive foam - no feeling of being stuck
  • Choose your firmness option
  • Truly appeals to ALL sleeping styles!
  • Nearly no motion transfer and ideal for sleeping with a partner who moves a lot at night
  • Works well with heavier folks who want to avoid sagging of their mattress 
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable foam for years of quality sleep
  • CertiPUR-US-certified foams
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Proprietary materials you will not find in competitors' products
  • Cover is not machine washable


Nolah sent us this Nolah Evolution 15 for testing purposes. This review is not sponsored and all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

No, but fortunately it has a sleep trial so you can test it at home for 120 nights!


Nolah’s mattresses are 100% made in the USA

Yes, Nolah makes 2 all-foam mattresses: the Nolah Original 10″ with 10 inches of foam, and the Nolah Signature 12″ with 12 inches of foam. Nolah came out with its first organic latex mattress – the Nolah Natural 11 – in Sepetmber 2021, as well as a children’s version – the flippable Nolah Nurture.

Yes, Nolah sells pillows, mattress protectors, bamboo and cotton sheets.

Nolah FAQ

Is Nolah a good mattress?

Nolah currently makes 3 mattresses - 2 foam (Nolah Original & Nolah Signature) and 1 hybrid (Nolah Evolution). All Nolah mattresses are extremely comfortable and use the proprietary AirFoam. They are a great option for side-sleepers. The Nolah Original and Nolah Signature are good options for back-sleepers, while the Nolah Evolution performs really well for back-sleepers.

Where are Nolah mattresses made?

All 3 Nolah mattresses are designed in Denver, CO and made in the USA. Nolah manufactures its mattresses in 8 factories across the U.S. and sources all materials (foam, coils, and covers) in the U.S. as well.

How long has Nolah Mattress been in business?

Nolah is an online bed-in-a-box company that launched in 2015. All of their products are designed in Denver, CO, and made in the USA.

How much does the Nolah mattress cost?

Costs vary with the Holiday seasons and you will find a Nolah coupon on our website. The pre-discounted Nolah Evolutions prices are: $1,700 Twin -- $1,899 Twin XL -- $2,099 Full -- $2,199 Queen -- $2,399 King and Cal. King. The currently discounted Queen-size Nolah Evolution is for sale for $1,399, down from $2,199.

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Laura Georgieff

Laura Georgieff

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Nolah Evolution Mattress
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Nolah's new hybrid mattress, the Nolah Evolution 15 mattress was voted Best Mattress 2021 on Non Biased Reviews.

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