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It’s almost time to go Back to School

My twin sister and I got into a bit of a fight over our Cordaroy’s bean bag chair & mattress

Since this was my son’s first day back to school I started thinking about the good old days of college.

When I lived in the dorms I had two problems that I couldn’t really solve without compromising on the limited space that my roommate and I shared.  When she had a “friend” over to visit, I found myself searching for a place to sleep.  Luckily, I had some nice neighbors who would let me crash, but the floor was never that comfy.

On occasion one of my friends would visit, or be too drunk to drive home so again we would just offer up the floor.  Not great hosts, but we didn’t really have a good solution to either problem.

This morning as I started preparing for the school bus I remembered having a bean bag chair, but it wasn’t really a sleeping solution.  It’s been awhile, but I remembered seeing a bean bag chair that unfolds into a mattress on a Shark Tank episode. It had been long enough that I needed to do some digging around to get more details.  What had escaped my memory was the name of the company and which Shark purchased it.  The company was CordaRoys and Lori Greiner invested in it.

I wouldn’t think that it is a long term solution to the extra visitors in the  dorm, but it has to beat the floor right?  I decided to pick one up for my kids to see how they like it, thankfully for me they are really far away from leaving my nest.

It’s Here!

Cordaroys bean bag chair with mattress inside

The Mattress is inside

It took 11 days from when I ordered it to the arrival today.  We unboxed it and played with it for a bit, now it is time to relax on it.  Give us a few more days and we will shoot a review video of the CordaRoy bean bag mattress.  For now we will show you our first impressions/unboxing.

If you didn’t catch why I had to stop and laugh at the 2:30 mark of the unboxing here is the insert/instructions titled “It’s gonna grow”

Cordaroys instuctions on how to fluff it

The more you fluff it, the faster it will grow.

 Ordering Process

They were running a back to school sale for the youth size so I picked one up for my kids.

Item Sku Qty Subtotal
Youth Sleeper – Chenille

Fabric Color

Espresso – Chenille

TC-CH-EX 1 $99.99

Subtotal: $99.99
Shipping & Handling: $18.59
Grand Total: $118.58

Interested in purchasing a CordaRoy’s bean bag chair/mattress?

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CordaRoy BeanBag Mattress
Final Thoughts
It makes a great gift for someone who is headed away for school. Kids will turn this into their favorite piece of furniture and will beg for sleepovers.
Chair and a Mattress
Easy to pack up
Easy to move
Convenient and perfect if you have a small space
Takes some fluffing to get the mattress ready
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