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Just got a BedJet to combat my cold bed this winter while waiting to combat the heat in the summer, after all I live in Az!

The BedJet comes in three verisons:

  1. V1: Climate Comfort System
  2. V2: Climate Comfort System With Biorhythm Sleep Technology
  3. V2 Dual Zone: With Biorhythm Sleep Technology

As you add more features to the BedJet, expect to pay a bit more.  So, what you need to ask is: do I need Biorhythm Sleep Technology and do I want a different temperature than my sleep partner?

What is Biorhythm Sleep Technology?

The Biorythm Sleep Technology is capable of providing you with specific control over the cooling and or heating cycles while you’re sleeping.  

BedJet V2 uses sleep inducing biorhythm temperature technology. It basically helps you go to sleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up refreshed.

Getting a night of uninterrupted sleep is critical for your body to recharge for the following day’s activities. In fact, failure to get a quality night’s rest on a regular basis has been medically linked to:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Loss of libido
  • Depression
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Impaired cognitive function.

Always keep in mind Sleep, just like exercise and nutrition, is vital to our overall health and wellbeing. 

Important Things you need to know about The Bed Jet

The BedJet uses the convective method of cooling which is really effective for keeping you cool in bed if your bedroom temperature is 78 degrees and under.  It is not a portable air conditioner and not a replacement for no air conditioning super-hot bedrooms (like a 90 degree Arizona summer bedroom with no AC).

BedJet uses the cooler air from the floor of your room which is typically a few degrees cooler than your thermostat.  When you are in bed you usually feel hot not because your bedroom temperature is too hot, but because your mattress and sheets are trapping your body heat and body moisture. Body moisture is a big deal; you can sweat up to a liter every night without realizing. 

Bed Jet engineers have measured up to a 20% humidity rise trapped under the sheets. The humidity rise under the sheets is actually half the reason of why people feel hot and stuffy in bed.  The BedJet convective air circulation gets your body heat out of the bed but also gets rid of the body moisture. This method has turned out to be the most effective of staying cool in bed with bedrooms under 78 degrees.  Typical BedJet owners find they can raise their AC thermostat by anywhere from 2-4 degrees and still stay just as comfortable, saving you money.

As long as your room temperature stays below 78F the BedJet can absolutely be an effective way to cool your bed without having to crank up the window AC.

The Aromatherapy Kit

Is included in the BedJet V2 model. You will find a number of foam strips that you will place a few drops of any essential of your choice on and attach to the opening of the BedJets air nozzle with an included clip. There are very detailed instructions that come with the manual which make the set up very easy.


What is Inside the BedJet?

Setup of the BedJet V2 bed cooler and warmer

The main components of the BedJet V2 are:

  • BedJet Unit
  • Covered Hose
  • Variable Size Hookups
  • Remote Control

You can download their app to add additional features, like alarms and automatic shut off.

Sleep Test Results

Here is my review of the BeJet. You will also find a tutorial of how to set it up.

• Works really well with an adjustable bed massage feature

  • Easy to install and put together.
  • Easy to pair the app through your smart phone it with the BedJet.

• If you are like me and not a big fan bulky things, this may be a bit of a problem. I think i’ll be fine as long as the BedJet unit and the hose are hiding and not in plain sight.

Who Should Buy the Bed jet?

Some like it hot, some like it cool and some are just seeking different sleep temperatures then their partner! That’s where BedJet comes to the rescue.

Whether you are looking to cool off nearly instantly or give your bed an instant hot sauna feeling that will take only 180 seconds BedJet is for you.

BedJet is instant relief for hot sleepers, night sweats, evening hot flashes, cold feet and cold legs, cold winter sheet shock and memory foam mattresses that trap heat sometimes. 

And just in case you were wondering if it’s loud, you don’t have to worry about it. Using advanced technology the BedJet sends a gentle and quiet stream of air directly into your bed for powerful cooling and warming comfort. In a nutshell the BedJet is designed with acoustic damping technology built into the base unit. It is quieter than any fan or air conditioner if used properly. The typical settings of low and medium are advised, and when applied, you will notice (or barely notice!) a very southing background white noise. And we swear by background white noise to put our babies to sleep, BedJet does a good job at this.  

What Type of Bed Works for this Bed jet?

  • 7″ of clearance under your bed is a must.  If you have a bed frame that has under-bed storage you won’t be able to hide the bedjet unit.

Price Table

V1 V2 V2 Dual Zone
$269 $299 $1,179
Free Shipping Free Shipping Free Shipping


How does the BedJet Work?

When set to heat up your bed the unit will warm the air.  What about the cool setting?  Does is cool off the air?  Unfortunately no, the air is moved from the ground where the unit is to the end of the hose.  You will feel a cooling effect, but the room itself won’t get any cooler.

It is already summer here in Arizona, so I decided to test it outside of the bedroom.  I have the unit on the ground underneath my desk and the hose set about three feet higher.  This isn’t the design of the BedJet, I’m just experimenting.  What I notice is that the air feels cooler than you get when you have a fan at the same level and much cooler than a fan that is mounted to the ceiling.  Heat rises so a ceiling fan is just pushing the hot air back at you.  The portable fan blows around air that is likely at a cooler temperature than the ceiling fan.  The BedJet tops them both by sending the coolest air in your room to your level.  Can it replace an air conditioner?  No, if your room is hot, it is still going to be hot.  Do you feel a bit of a difference on a hot day?  Yes, but it is only marginally better than a fan at the same level.


1 BedJet single zone unit with attachment assembly to bed, 1 wireless remote control, FREE Bluetooth App from App store. It is also important to mention that BedJet is ETL listed to UL Electric Appliance Safety Standards, as long as you follow the rules, the assembly manual and guidelines and set up instructions.

Unboxing Video

I mixed the unboxing video with my full video review above.