Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Pillow

$175 off purchase of $500 or more

Tomorrow Sleep Currently Offers 2 Pillows

Tomorrow Sleep may be a new name, but their experience in the industry is unparalleled, as they are backed by the giant Serta.  I have tried both their memory foam pillow and their plush pillow.  Both pillows are high quality, when I unboxed the plush pillow I caught myself saying “it’s kind of hotel quality”.  I’m sure it depends on what type of hotel you usually stay at, but from my perspective that was high praise.  You can see the unboxing and my first impressions in the ultimate pillow fight below.

As you could see, I was really impressed by the Tomorrow sleep pillows.

It was a smart move by the folks at Tomorrow Sleep to offer a pillow with a down alternative and a dense memory foam pillow.  Let’s discuss each pillow separately.

Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Pillow

  • The current price on this is $99.
  • 100 day trial period
  • Low profile and form fitting, as you would expect from a memory foam pillow
  • 3 layer pillow, you can see that the folks at Serta brought some new techniques to the online mattress and bedding category.
  • Aerated & Phase changing layer help to keep it cold (smart move because regular memory foam can get hot and force you to flip your pillow at night).

See my Tomorrow Sleep Plush Pillow Review

Like most sleep related products your preference may be different than mine, both of these pillows offer quality that is far above many of their competitors.  I’m willing to bet that a good deal of these pillows are going to make it into households throughout the country.

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Tomorrow sleep memory foam pillow during the ultimate pillow fight review
Stays Cool10
Phase Changing Material keeps it cool
Well designed cover
Low Profile yet dense enough for solid support
Bit of an off gassing smell at first
Final Thoughts
Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Pillow: I'm more of a fan of plush pillows, but I appreciate how great this memory foam pillow is. It's difficult for me to pull this away from my husband as this is, by far, his favorite. The cover is fun enough that you can sleep on it without a pillow case. The pillow is designed to stay cool, and it doesn't disappoint.
$175 off purchase of $500 or more

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