Leesa Blanket

Same great cover as the Leesa Mattress

Seriously, that should be enough for you to want to try one.  What’s that?  You haven’t tried out the Leesa Mattress?  Ok, well then you have a few options.  First, you could take advantage of their 100 night trial and buy a leesa pillow, blanket or mattress.  Or you could head to the nearest West elm location and feel it there.  Finally, if you happen to be in New York or in Virginia you can go to the Leesa showrooms to see all of their products.

  • The New York location is 112 Wooster St, New York, NY 10012
  • 3200 Pacific Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 (two blocks west of the Virginia Beach Boardwalk)

Leesa Blanket Review

Update on the Leesa Blanket a few weeks later into testing it:

Whether it’s a mattress, pillow, sheets, comforter or blanket I am always attracted by the looks or the outside of the product when I unbox it, but sometimes looks is not enough, it is a plus but this product needs to prove me that it’s worth it and I got what I paid for and what I am expecting in return! That was the case when I opened up The Leesa Blanket box, I fell in love with the texture and that luxurious feel just like The Leesa Mattress especially that they didn’t have to complicate things and decide to stick to the simple elegant theme, simplicity is all you need and that design is just perfect.

My first thought immediately was that this blanket is heavy, it has some weight in it no doubt about it, and I can tell especially when I am folding it as I’m holding both ends using just my fingers. It was weird at first then I grabbed it one night and started using it as my throw/ my shoulder and TV watching blanket and I could barely feel it on me, how is that even possible?

It is light, comfy and snuggly all at the same time. I am a huge fan right now, I really thought I don’t need a heavy throw on me, I like something lightweight enough to make me relaxed.

Winter 2018 Update:

It’s so cold this winter, it was down to a high in the low 70s a couple of days ago here in Arizona!  Still, I find my self clutching to my Leesa blanket every morning.  It has attached it to my hip, just like Charlie Brown’s friend Linus.  Linus had his security blanket, and I have my Lessa blanket. Oh, and what I have mentioned once at the beginning of my Leesa Blanket testing days on it being a little heave, well it makes a lot of sense now.

Let me explain: So when I tried to fold the blanket for the first time I thought Dang this thing is heavy! As the days went by, I have found myself falling asleep FASTER so many times on my couch with the Leesa Blanket covering me. And then it clicked, HELLO, it is this little bit of light weight in this Blanket that made me fall asleep faster. Ever heard of a weighted blanket? When the Leesa Blanket gentle weight is covering my body it feels like a hug resulting into the calm of my brain and that relaxation leading me to fall asleep faster. Matter of fact, weighted blankets are recommended ease anxiety and help you sleep better.

After all I believe the Leesa Blanket could be beneficial and you should consider giving it a try! It also goes perfectly with your Leesa pillows and Leesa mattress.

The Leesa Blanket

Long story short, I was totally fooled by the blanket when I held it for the first time but now I call it The magical blanket! I am very impressed and I encourage you try it especially that it comes with 100 night free trial.

Leesa also offers a special version of their blanket: the Aly Raisman Blanket by Leesa

Interested in a Leesa or Sapira? Take $130-$204 off your purchase, and get a free pillow!

leesa slightly larger skinny add 728x90

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