The DreamCloud Mattress Review

dreamcloud mattress label

Review Menu DreamCloud Video Review DreamCloud Company Policies What’s Inside the DreamCloud DreamCloud Sleep Tests DreamCloud Price & Discounts DreamCloud Review Conclusion DreamCloud Video Review Premium materials at half the price, and an unforgettable sleep experience. That’s the promise of DreamCloud. With gel memory foam, a plush Tight Top and a layer of innerspring coil, […]

Carbon Air Pillow From Eight Sleep

The perfect pillow for all types of sleepers

The Carbon Air Pillow Review Menu Eight Sleep Company Policies What’s Inside the Carbon Air Pillow Carbon Air Pillow Sleep Tests Price & Discounts Carbon Air Pillow Review Conclusion The Carbon Air Pillow is not your typical foam pillow!  It’s not fluffy and loaded with innocent bird feathers. It’s not fat or bouncy and full […]

Chili Blanket Review

Chili Blanket Review Most people have difficulties sleeping at night. They tend to link the hours of sleep to a good night sleep forgetting that is is not about how many hours you sleep at night is what matters the most, it is about the quality of sleep.  First thing first it not about the […]

Tempur Topper

tempur breeze mattress

Tempur-Topper Review Made with 3 inches of supreme -thus the name- TEMPUR material, this mattress topper made its way in our best mattress topper list just like that! If your Mattress is too firm, please try the TEMPUR topper and witness its instant results. It’s like a magical topper, and not all toppers are built […]

Reasons why you might have the night sweats!

various bed temperature regulation devices

Reasons why you might have the night sweats… And a few suggestions to help you cure it! Have you ever experienced sweating at night that makes you end up with drenched sheets and sleepwear and they are not related to an over heated sleeping?  The body’s natural cooling system to prevent overheating and having high […]

Zoma Sports Mattress

zoma sports mattress

Say hello to the all new Sports Mattress.  Zoma was designed with athletes in mind for better performance and for a winning night’s sleep!  Approved by athletes and backed by years of research, design, and testing. The Zoma Sports Mattress was designed to perform by delivering enhanced rest and rejuvenation for individuals with demanding lifestyles. […]

Purple Mattress Review

purple mattress pillow and harmony pillow

Purple Mattress Review. Updated version 2020 I purchased a purple mattress way back in the summer of 2017. It’s 2020 and and I still have it.  It doesn’t sag, I washed the cover and it still looks and feels great.   Now I have some exciting news, they have improved on the original design.  The mattress […]

14 Valentine’s Picks For Him

14 Valentine’s Gifts for Him. We’re skipping the clichés this year!  Because flowers die at the end, and because everybody thinks “chocolate box” when you say the word Valentines, I decided to put together a list of more useful items this love day.  KitchenAid Electric Kettle. As part of their limited edition, KitchenAid launched this […]

Nectar Lush Mattress Review

nectar lush mattress

Nectar Lush Review   I couldn’t have been happier when i heard that Nectar is launching a new mattress! It brought back so many memories of when I started my journey into getting to know and learn more about mattresses, and I was hoping that my journey would be off to a good start if […]

Coddle Bed Frame

coddle bed frame assembly

Pixel Platform Bed Review New from the Coddle Design lab is their sleek, modern platform bed  ‘Pixel’. Contemporary design meets space maximizing functionality with their signature power and USB ports on both sides. A signature we are familiar with also found in their Toggle couch as well as their Node Modular Sofa. Pixel Platform bed […]