The Rize Cresta Adjustable Bed

The Cresta offers increased support for the sleeper’s back thanks to its adjustable lumbar section, below are some key features.

key features

Edge-to-edge adjustable lumbar support

The Cresta’s separated head section helps you find the best way to support your back and relieve pain.

The Cresta from Rize line

edge-to-edge adjustable lumbar support

Deck-on-deck design

The deck-on-deck design is very sleek and stylish, it adds sophistication to any bedroom and creates smooth movement – even in lounge position!

The deck on deck is Sleek and stylish

the deck-on-deck design adds sophistication to any bedroom

Dual A/C power outlets

A built-in outlet on each side of the base keeps your devices fully charged while you work or play.

an ouitlet on each side to keep your devices charged

dual A/C power outlets

Lounge feature

The Cresta will take pressure off the lower back with the Cresta exclusive lounge position. All you have to do is lower the legs and relax

Lower the legs and take pressure off the lower back with the lounge position

Those were just the Key features, here’s some detailed features about the Cresta adjustable bed


Anti-Snore Position You and your partner can sleep better using the anti-snore position to reduce snoring! It’s a win-win

Zero Gravity Position Besides reducing back pain, zero gravity position helps improve blood circulation.

Under-Bed Light No more stumbling around in the dark when you use the gentle illumination of the Cresta under-bed LED light.

Integrated Head Tilt You don’t need to stuff extra pillows behind your neck anymore. The integrated head tilt is designed to give your neck extra support

Three Pre-Programmed Positions With the touch of a button you can easily go back to your favorite position – anti-snore, lounge, or zero gravity.

Dual-Zone Massage For optimal relaxation with head and foot massage motors. Choose how you want it by setting the location and intensity.

Improved Lift Capacity  Those beds are super durable with two heavy-duty motors that can lift up to 850 lb. per base

Dual-Zone Massage Find total relaxation with head and foot massage motors. Choose how you want it by setting the location and intensity.

Improved Lift Capacity Don’t be afraid to get close – two heavy-duty motors lift up to 850 lb. per base.

Auto-Flat Press one button to return to a flat, neutral position.

Wireless Remote Backlit buttons make it easy to use your remote, even in the dark.

Fit Rize beds are designed to fit inside most existing headboard/footboard/rail systems

Continuous Motion Mode Set the bed to go through a series of positions automatically.

Key features don’t end here, there’s so much more to discover and play around once you get to invest in a Cresta from Rize beds.


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